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Here are 12 great threads about crypto that will help you become a better investor: /THREAD

1. Portfolio management by @OnChainWizard

2. On-chain analytics mega thread by @VirtualKenji

3. On the opportunity cost of spending too much time trading by @KrisAbdelmessih

4. Crypto security guide by @BowTiedIguana

5. On the importance of taking profits by @BobLoukas

6. A well-written Substack-article with the latest updates from the crypto world by @knowerofmarkets

7. All the ways to earn money from your phone. Play-2-Earn, Walk-2-Earn ++ by @h_bitcoiner

8. Why you shouldn't drop out of college for crypto by @0xfbifemboy

9. Why play-2-earn games will crash by @DeFiVader

10. 5 mental rules to follow for better success in the crypto market by @0x_fren

11. A nice calculator that shows you when it's most profitable using @anchor_protocol instead of @ApertureFinance by @phtevenstrong

12. There are no shortcuts to alpha by @Fiskantes

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