The Ghost of Sparta

The Ghost of Sparta



I'm genuinely surprised the country's entire middle class has not called quits and left yet. There's literally nothing for us salaried people anymore. No safety, no water, electricity is here today/gone tomorrow, gas is cheap but goes away when you're cooking.

Rain is something to dread rather than be thankful for. Every single shopkeeper is trying to rip you off. Every plumber, electrician, mason is trying to pull a fast one. The police are always looking for a quick buck. Government offices are a sinkhole for your money.

Mullahs are lining up to question your values and your degree of Muslimness. Your employer gives zero shits about your work-life balance. The medical infrastructure is falling apart or is so pricey you die of poverty before you die of illness.

Even getting a grave in this city is an accomplishment. Succession to access your own father's/mother's assets is a court rigmarole which goes on for ages. Everything you buy is taxed at 17% GST. When you've already paid income tax of anywhere between 20 and 35% this 17% hurts.

Going anywhere with your family means 4 beggars at every signal and 3 beggars outside any place you choose to eat. Regardless of whether it's a footpath eatery or fine dining.

Schools charge you astronomical fees while imparting the bare minimum of education. So you have to send your kids to bastard tutors who again charge you astronomical fees but you don't get a receipt because they're cheating taxes.

Any midsize car you feel like buying is three times the price of anywhere else in the world with 1/3 the features. And some motorcycle kid will bang into it within the first week.

There is nothing for the middle class in Pakistan anymore. Nothing. We all need to leave. Let the bloody waderas and politicians and babus and boots have their country and see how long they can keep it running.

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