Sourabh Sisodiya,CFA

Sourabh Sisodiya,CFA



Thread : Trading Applications that I use on a daily basis🧵 1) After putting a detailed post on hardware & multi-monitor setup. Few asked for softwares I use for trading. So I am listing softwares/apps which I find the most useful for trading & investing

2) Trading View or Kite app I use trading view for intraday charts. As I trade intraday, I use the 5 min time frame. My chart is simple with 20 sma plotted on it along with CPR(central pivot range) Price > 20 sma & CPR indicates bullish trend for intraday & vice-versa

3) Icharts As I majorly trade option premiums(short volatility or theta decay strategies) I keep a track of combined premium of strangle using @iChartsIndia Combined premium should be trending down & below VWAP to create a strangle

4) QuantsApp As I need to provide analysis on TV channel. I need to analyse overall market breadth, futures data & option chain activitiy. @quantsapp provides Futures Data : Long Builtup/Short Builtup Options Data : Max Call OI/ Put OI Market Breadth : For overall sentiment

5) Spider I used @SpiderSoftIn to scan momentum stocks for intraday. Spider helps in identfiying : stocks hitting 52 week high/ low Stocks making day high/low Stocks with large buying single orders

6) Bloomberg Helps in quick real time news. Bloomberg is useful only if you trade mutliple markets & need access to various data quickly. Bloomberg is an expensive software costing around 25 L per year. One can skip bloomberg as cost is too high

7) GreekSoft I use Greeksoft for multi leg order execution. It allows you to punch 1000+ lots of strangles/ straddles as a single order. One can put SL on combined premium, do order slicing & many more such things. Needed only if you trade big qty multi leg option trades

8) Ranking System (Proprietary) Use an inhouse ranking system based on simple concepts of momentum,trend & derivatives data across time frames. It is available only to IIFL members under our franchise(for free). To know more can check below :

9) Opstra by @Definedge Opstra is useful in -Creating option payoff - Has historical result calendar with time -Volatility Skew Analysis

10) Fundamental Data a) @screener_in Screener is useful in scanning stocks based on Fundamental parameters & also provides a quick overview of the company. You can quickly find good companies based on fundamental parameters

10 b ) Stock Edge @mystockedge is useful in scanning bulk/ block deals Checking top investor portfolios Check company filings IPO notes Concall analysis

10 c) @drvijaymalik has built a great framework to analyse company in depth based on various fundamental parameters. I personally use it to scan fundamental stocks.

11) I hope you found the above thread useful. Goodluck on your Trading Journey ! End

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