AIDS Ventura, Pozzed Detective

AIDS Ventura, Pozzed Detective



Please put yourself in my shoes: it’s a typical day of scrolling Facebook while not having a single thought about Jim Carrey.

This article prompts you to remember a scene from Batman Forever when The Riddler stages his boss’ murder as suicide, and as well Jim Carrey having a real life obsession with the number 23 — years before his 2007 movie came out. (Batman Forever scene:

So you decide to watch The Number 23, and later become perturbed by watching the movie’s pair of protagonists (both played by Jim Carrey) witness not just one suicide, but FOUR.

Since the real life suicide of Carrey’s ex-girlfriend is what brought you to The Number 23; Carrey witnessing just one of those is immensely creepy enough…but FOUR suicides?

The fourth suicide also eerily echoes the cause of death for Charles Rocket; an actor known for playing the bad guy in Dumb & Dumber, and lesser known for slitting his own throat in real life.

You later read that Rocket was chosen over an 18 year old Jim Carrey for a spot on SNL. While this strikes you as motive, you dismiss the thought because it’s beyond hysterical to EVEN CONSIDER everyone’s favorite rubberfaced wackyman slit a guy’s throat.

Then it occurred to me that the aforementioned Batman Forever scene may have given Carrey the idea for this suicide crime scene masquerade MO.

To clear this hysteria out of my mind, I contact @CT_STATE_POLICE to report the death of Charles Rocket may have been perpetrated by Jim Carrey to appear as a suicide. SGT Brett Langivan took me WAY MORE seriously than he should, but said nothing was wrong with the ME Report.

Later on that day I decide to watch Dumb & Dumber just to observe the energy between Carrey & Rocket. I’m not expecting the sophomoric comedy to fully convince me that Carrey slit co-star Charles Rocket’s throat.

(— Watch this moment…Jeff Daniels clearly breaks character with his frightened reaction! — Carrey said “they catch him half mile down the road and SLIT HIS THROAT”.

To reiterate: before I watched this “slit his throat” moment from Dumb & Dumber, I contacted @CT_STATE_POLICE to report Jim Carrey may have possibly orchestrated Rocket’s homicide to appear as a self inflicted knife wound across the throat.

That “slit his throat” line was improvised by Carrey. When I looked up the script for Dumb & Dumber, I was hoping it would be written so I could accept the dialogue as an unfortunate coincidence. Also: why Jim Carrey think people would find this line funny?

Further riddle me this: why was Jim Carrey’s mind on watching someone’s throat get slit when 11 years later his co-star (the one who took SNL away from Carrey) was found deceased this exact same manner under circumstances some, maybe many, find mysterious?

— on top of all that, I recognize child actor Jonathan Brandis in this clip. Since I’m familiar that Brandis’ cause of death is suicide, I was afraid Carrey killed him too…

…I IMMEDIATELY believe Carrey murdered Brandis after seeing his date of death: “11/12/2003” (11+12=23).

(— watch this teaser for The Number 23. Doesn’t Jim Carrey come off creepy adding up calendar date numbers?

(— in this other trailer for The Number 23, the dogcatcher played by Carrey says “I was born at 11:12PM. 11+12!”. — Look at Brandis’ date of death again: “11/12/2003”. — Why not have Carrey say “10:13PM” or “5:18AM”?

None of the news reports about Brandis’ alleged suicide mention that this so-called friend “stayed at the scene until emergency services arrived”. Language such as that will help curtail theories such as this.

If the @LAPDHQ don’t know the identity of this friend, and neither do Jonathan’s parents in Connecticut, then it’s very likely that was no friend of Jonathan’s who called 911 for him.

Carrey portraying wrestling fanatic Andy Kaufman (a performance that caused an identity crisis), and these two bizarre Wikipedia edits on wrestler Chris Benoit’s page compelled me to look into The Benoit Family Massacre:

One wiki edit correctly reporting wife Nancy’s death, 14 hours prior to the discovery of her murder, is suspicious enough…but TWO EDITS reporting her death hours before her murder? That’s beyond suspect.

Something to understand about these two strange edits is that they were to first report Nancy’s death before outside family, friends, neighbors, or law enforcement got the news.

Since Nancy Benoit’s cause of death is homicide, the only person who could think to make these edits at the time of her death was the killer for whatever awful reason.

I seriously doubt Chris Benoit knew how to edit Wikipedia, and typically internet trolls erroneously report celebrity deaths in deliberate hoaxes. Reminder: this troll called the death correctly without ANY source. Any other info the edits offered is superfluous.

This is the third time #Connecticut has popped up in this thread, and the IP address ends with a “23”, the coincidences triangulate immediately. –read the third item: the wiki moderator thought these two edits came from the same person (“*STILL* not reliable information”).

How can this be the same person when the edits came from Connecticut & Australia? I seriously doubt ANYONE in Connecticut & Australia had any clue Nancy Benoit, who last lived in North Carolina, passed away that weekend. I’m erring that they were from the same person.

Since I believe these two edits came from the same person, then where did they come from? Easy: the Benoit home computer, since the killer obviously made them.

Due to suicide being the cause of death for Chris Benoit, the championship wrestler never received any decent argument of reasonable doubt in his defense. I’ll try to the best of my untrained ability:

Authorities never established any sort of motive for why Chris Benoit did what he supposedly did, whatsoever. —Due to that, everyone attributed this unspeakable act of triple murder to Chris Benoit’s reputed brain damage.

I’m going to challenge that assumption using the text messages concerning the family’s dogs, enclosed swimming pool, and open garage door. Albeit cryptic, these texts, from both Chris & Nancy’s phones, have impeccable grammar & syntax.

I have a neighbor that is a brain damaged veteran whose text messages are beyond confusing due to his erratic typos. —Take or leave that anecdotal evidence…whichever you choose, I’m still going to insist Chris Benoit’s phone be re-examined.

The Army trained me in suicide awareness, and murder/suicide is psychologically ALL suicide. If Chris Benoit were suicidal, he’d have blown this doctor’s appointment off. Seriously, what’s the point seeing the doctor if you’re just gonna commit suicide? (

My initial doubt with Benoit is that surely he could take Carrey in a throwdown. Especially if the killer is on the property having already killed Chris’ wife & kid. Nancy died on 06/22/2007, son Daniel on 06/23/2007, and then Chris on the 24th.

I don’t believe Chris Benoit left his residence that entire weekend. So that means he was present while his wife & son were deceased. I suppose due to the nature of their deaths, Benoit was hesitant to call the cops because Nancy & Daniel looked they were killed by a wrestler.

Me personally, in that situation? I would have called the cops to at least smoke out the intruder. Perhaps, also, Benoit didn’t have possession of his cell. I’ll come back to that speculation later.

Either way, Benoit came off like a person that could take care of themselves in a fight. Especially having the home court advantage of their residence.

So I’m just going to say it: Carrey rendered Benoit to be the first ever homicide victim framed for murder. That just seems impossible due to Benoit’s sporting history. There must be some explanation as to how Carrey got the upper hand over Benoit.

Oh, duh, Chris Benoit’s brain resembled that of an 80 year old Alzheimer’s patient (See how that works?).

Here’s a butterfly effect: had Chris Farley sought treatment for his drug addiction and managed to stay alive to this day, Chris Benoit would also be here with us.

It’s still infrequent for SNL cast members to pass away. It takes years between deaths still —yet six months after Farley passed away, his great friend Phil Hartman had his life taken in an act of murder/suicide committed by his third spouse, Brynn.

(— These two instances of death are related. Farley & Brynn Hartman both had the mutual acquaintance of Andy Dick. So it’s plausible Farley walked in on Brynn having a private bump, and she gave Dick’s name to answer where she got her stuff.

After Farley overdosed, Phil Hartman must have aggressively blamed Brynn for his friend’s death. Six months passed after Farley’s overdose, the motive for Brynn Hartman’s murder/suicide was to cease her husband’s constant guilt tripping over his friend Chris Farley’s death.

Soon as Jim Carrey heard the news about the Hartman murder/suicide, he got the idea for his most hardcore crime scene masquerade. The instant that major national story broke headlines, The Benoit Family turned into the walking dead; scheduled to become DEAD AGAIN on June 2007.

Carrey choosing Canadians to become homicides-framed-for-murder is his tribute to fellow Canadian Phil Hartman. — FYI: I legitimately prevented Carrey’s next Canadian from becoming the second homicide-framed-for-murder in last November. (I’ll explain further down)

But why else do Chris Benoit dirty like that? The simple & sane explanation was to tarnish Benoit’s reputation, but the real insane reason is specifically to erase the wrestler from the WWE.

Ask any diehard WWE fan of Benoit’s what happened after the two day investigation determined murder/suicide, and they’ll tell you in exact words that the wrestler became erased from the WWE.

Since his performance in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (a 2004 low-fi science fiction film which has memory deletion at the core of it’s plot), Carrey has been public with his interest in erasure.

(— more than one chapter from his book Memoirs & Misinformation either mentions, or waxes philosophical, about the concept of erasure.

(— During his interview on Norm Macdonald Live, Carrey mentioned that comedian Red Skeleton insisted his entire work (entailing film, television, and paintings) become erased upon the arrival of his death.

Carrey made it sound like the vaudevillian multi-hyphenate’s work couldn’t be found anywhere, despite a google search saying otherwise.

When Carrey’s interview on Norm Macdonald Live first hit the internet back in 2017, I googled Red Skeleton because that disinformation reminded me of Chris Benoit’s erasure from the WWE. This google search was at a time before I thought Jim Carrey killed anyone.

(—When Carrey said he was erasing himself in that Norm Macdonald Live interview, he was talking about his uncredited performance from The Bad Batch (2017). The post-apocalyptic film released on the tenth anniversary of The Benoit Family Triple Homicide.

I put this motive together back in October 2019, and took a couple a months off from thinking about all this. That following December out of boredom I looked up Jim Carrey’s IMDB trivia page; not expecting anything to rouse my suspicions until I found this item:

This puts Carrey’s mind on the WWE the year Benoit died. Figuring that’s better than nothing, I google to verify if that’s true. Instead, I find out 2007’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony was held the same weekend as Benoit’s final Wrestlemania — which was Wrestlemania ***XXIII***.

(— Here is Carrey insisting to parody a wrestling promo while doing a press junket for Yes Man (2009). Guarantee this is Carrey taunting Chris Benoit from the grave.

Wrestler and close personal friend Chavo Guerrero did not receive a voice message from Chris Benoit on June 23rd, 2007. (I’ll come back to this item)

Despite occurring four months after The Number 23’s theatrical release, there is a subliminal allusion to the Benoit Family Triple Homicide in the numerology themed film; not unlike the clandestine references to the unknown homicides of Jonathan Brandis & Charles Rocket.

The psychological thriller’s twist ending, which comes out of nowhere without warning, is that the titular book Carrey’s dogcatcher character is obsessed with was actually authored by him and originally was intended to be a suicide note…

…because Carrey’s dogcatcher character killed a long ago cheating girlfriend and FRAMED her lover for the murder back in the day.

Since I’m saying Chris Benoit is unknown for being the first ever homicide victim-framed-for-murder, this twist ending for The Number 23 threatened the lives of The Benoit family.

Going back to the second suspect Wikipedia edit on Chris Benoit’s page: the first proxy’s location from CT meant to reference Brandis & Rocket. The second Australian proxy location referenced Carrey’s first unknown homicide: Michael Hutchence, lead singer of INXS.

How to know Hutchence got murdered: the Australian singer’s smash hit “Suicide Blonde” is also the name of a character in The Number 23, and additionally Hutchence had a solo track on the Batman Forever soundtrack.

This image is from the fifth Dirty Harry movie where Carrey played a drug addicted rock star killed in an unknown homicide. The Dead Pool (1988) has a plot that resembles the information in this thread.

Because all the physical evidence is collected to determine suicide, my speculation here is the closest to corroboration that these people did not kill themselves. — The motive for the unknown homicide of Michael Hutchence was a test in disguising a murder as suicide.

Another rock star killed in an unknown homicide is Chris Cornell. — I made an off-the-cuff joke to a friend one day that Carrey should cover “Black Hole Sun”, and felt the biggest shiver down my spine afterwards.

That shiver compelled me to google Carrey & Cornell’s names together not expecting to get any connecting results. — Instead I find out Cornell’s date of death was 21 years exact, to the day, after Soundgarden’s Saturday Day Night Live appearance with Jim Carrey. (May 18th, 1996)

Of all the deaths I’ve brought up, excluding Cathriona White, Cornell is the only one Carrey has addressed publicly. Isn’t it peculiar that Carrey doesn’t say “RIP” in this tweet?

Despite not having ANY idea what the motive for Chris Cornell’s unknown homicide could be…his case is the closest to where I can put Carrey at the scene of death, and as well broach an argument that physical evidence could have been overlooked by Detroit PD.

The night before Chris Cornell was found deceased in Detroit, Carrey attended the Los Angeles premiere for the Carl Reiner HBO documentary If You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast.

The only possible way for Carrey to make Detroit in that extremely short amount of time is by flight. Very convenient that he has a private Gulfstream V jet that can almost travel at the speed of sound:

It seems lost in the sands of time now, but the flight record for that trip would essentially validate ALL this so-called speculation. The only reason EVER why I’d care about this document’s existence is due to all this awful death.

Normally in an investigation this flight record from LA to Detroit wouldn’t be sufficient to issue an arrest warrant. — That said: our justice system has never suspected, let alone caught, any criminals that regularly disguise their murders as suicide.

Due to all the prevalent evidence in these cases getting collected to successfully falsify suicide, other types of evidence that would usually be considered circumstantial - at best - essentially upgrades to 100% red handed proof.

Peep this clip. Carrey had this bushy beard at the time of Cornell’s death. Right now I have similar facial hair and shed on occasion.

Take or leave that last bit of anecdotal evidence, whichever you choose…I’m still going to assert that authorities may have overlooked a hair fiber that could have determined Chris Cornell’s death a homicide.

When observed through this research, Cornell’s death comes off like a single casualty version of The Benoit Family Triple Homicide. The Audioslave frontman bled from the mouth like wife & mother Nancy, and was strangled by exercise equipment like husband & father Chris.

(— Chris Cornell’s wife, Vicky, disputed the cause of death for her spouse; her suspicion was towards Cornell’s slurred speech during their final phone call rather than foul play worries. Mrs. Cornell was concerned her husband had taken too many Ativans.

Mrs. Cornell was correct to be suspicious of the slurred speech on the other line. What she doesn’t know is that she was conversing with the same person Chavo Guerrero spoke to on June 23rd, 2007.

When one is aware that Carrey is a gifted impressionist while having a kill count…it’s a chilling experience putting the above two news clips next to each other.

Back to The Benoit Family Triple Homicide: it’s rumored that Chris Benoit’s cell phone was not found at the scene of the crime. If true, that right there is enough to re-open the case because where could it have gone with Chris present at the house all weekend?

It’s not an unreasonable inquiry due to the odd texts regarding the dogs, swimming pool, and garage coming from BOTH phones of Chris & Nancy’s. Since I’m saying an intruder had possession of Chris’ device, this should be looked into just for the sake of my sanity…

…as well as texts prior to that final weekend. It’s not absurd to theorize the texting style of Benoit’s would be different than the ones just before his death given the findings of his autopsy. Any stark difference casts doubt on his suicide.

When you’re definite it is fact that Jim Carrey has a body count, it will appear that he’s not telling the truth about some of his experiences in life. A quick example would be his correspondences with Tupac Shakur while in prison.

You can look up and read Carrey’s letter to Jerry Lawler, yet there are not any found with Tupac. Personally, I think Carrey made up that story after watching this interview with the legendary rapper:

A bigger lie, and more germane to this subject, is how Carrey got his fascination for the number 23 from a friend while living in Canada:

This conflicts with him telling Inside the Actors Studio’s James Lipton how he avoided having friends while living in Canada.

This whole coincidental superstition around the number 23 is called The 23 Enigma. Prior to Carrey’s movie, the fringe phenomenon was known for being associated with Beat writer William S. Burroughs. A facet of The 23 Enigma is that “23” & “32” are the same, but reversed.

While attending college, Charles Rocket had some pretty hip friends like Gus Vant Sant. It’s not preposterous to believe Rocket heard about The 23 Enigma from one of his cool college friends. Here’s why:

Pictured is Rocket as his character from the cult TV series Max Headroom. He played an executive for the fictional TV station Network 23 (obviously).

Shortly after shooting Max Headroom, Rocket began filming Earth Girls are Easy with Jim Carrey that same year. There’s a quick moment where Rocket’s character wears a number 32 football jersey.

Between his Network 23 character and wearing that 32 jersey, Rocket remembered hearing about The 23 Enigma in college and tripped on the set of Earth Girls Are Easy. That’s when Carrey first heard about The 23 Enigma.

Closing out the thread out with this early stand-up performance:

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