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Do you sit at a computer for longer than 6 hours a day? You’re destroying your body if so. Here’s the setup you need to protect yourself from posture problems and crippling long-term injuries: 🧵

Before we dive in, grab your small violin: I’ve broken my neck. My spine's held together by metal. I’ve had 20+ hours of surgery so I’m a risk factor nightmare. So, I’ve spent 100s hours researching to prevent problems. This thread is a distillation.

Here’s what you need to do: 1. Avoid sub-optimal positions for long periods of time 2. Basic exercises to avoid the modern ‘slumped’ posture First, you'll see the setup. Then I’ll give you two simple exercises that will save you years of recovery.

Essential #1: A Second Monitor Especially if you’re writing on a laptop. This will: · Stop you using your hands as much (no tab switching) · Improve your head position · Feel cool Did you know this? 👇

Your head weighs as much as a bowling ball. The reason your neck hurts is because it can’t keep up. We spend our lives looking down at screens. Everything should be at eye level. So, these two are important…

✅ Correcting Head Position Essential #2: A laptop stand Essential #3: A small table stand (or anything to hit the correct elevation)

Fixing The Shoulder Position Last year, I tore my rotator cuff. It took 6 months to have 1 pain free day. If your posture looks like this, you’re at risk of loads of issues. So...

Essential #4: Keyboard Shelf Shoulders need to be relaxed, not raised. They need to back, not forward. If you need to reach for your keyboard or mouse, a shelf is essential.

(Optional) #6: A Split Keyboard A normal keyboard puts your shoulder into internal rotation. A split keyboard opens you up. And yes, it’s terrible at first. Expect to slow down. But after 6 months, a normal keyboard feels horrible. Mine:

Essential #7: A Good Chair You need: The right height for your hips. Good lumbar support. And ideally, a head rest. This stops your head creeping forward. And DO NOT have armrests. Your arms should hang naturally and have no pressure on the elbows (too many nerves).

Essential #8: Footrest This keeps your hips at the right angle, preventing lower back pain and sciatica.

Not Essential but Pretty Damn Sweet: A standing desk. You were not designed to sit at a computer all day. But you’re gonna. Alternating between standing and sitting will make all the difference. I got mine for ~$200. On to the exercises…

Sitting at a computer does two things: 1. Tightens your chest muscles 2. Weakens your back muscles There’s loads you can do, but I appreciate you’re probably at an office – so let’s keep it simple.

First, work to a timer. You need to stretch often. ‘When you feel like it’ doesn't happen. And once a day isn't enough. This is good practice for focus anyway because it aligns with the Pomodoro technique. I do 50 minutes writing, 10 minutes rest. 25/5 also works.

Exercise: Chest/Thoracic Stretch Either: In a doorway. Against a wall. 30 second hold minimum. & Breath ‘into the muscles’.

Exercise: Band Pull Apart I guarantee your rotator cuff is weak. Especially if you’re a bench bro. (At the gym, back:pressing volume should be 2:1 – minimum.) Pull aparts will correct this. You can also do this without a band, but it’s less effective.

And there you have it. The set-up costs roughly 500 bucks all in (desk and keyboard the most expensive). But trust me: Investing in health is a no brainer. You are your greatest source of income. But only if you can operate at your best.

TL;DR Most of us will be cripples by 2030. These things will help: · Make sure screens are at eye level · Shoulders down & back, elbows at 90 degrees · A split keyboard and standing desk · Loosen your chest/thoracic · Strengthen your back Look after yourself.

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