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220402 Jungkook on IG 🐰starting today i can go out heukheuk (sobsob)

👤what are you going to do first??? 🐰photosynthesis

👤lets go on a date tomorrow? 🐰where?

👤hinggoo, you’ve been through so much/must’ve been so toughㅠㅠkkookie how’s your condition/how do you feel??? 🐰it’s/i’m good

👤do you want to go see cherry blossoms? 🐰ah right..cherry blossoms seemed to have bloomed ah i want to see cherry blossoms too

👤jungkookah,you’re bot sleeping yet? 🐰i woke up from sleeping

👤VLIVE!!!!!!! Is it a lie?🥺😭😱 🐰ah im sorry. I wanted to do it so much but oh i didn’t tell you all huh because i was in quarantine in case there may be problems i wasnt able to do it. Im sorry. Yes..

👤how much do you weigh now? 🐰now, my weight..wouldnt it be about 71kg?

👤kekeke 🐰ahahahahah

👤selca/selfie??? 🐰bc i’m not in the best condition right now [to take a selfie] uh…later later

👤super antibody jungkook🔥 🐰[turns out] i wasn’t a super antibody. I’m sorry

👤today i ate chicken! Do you want to come over to eat it? 🐰after seeing what kind of chicken it is

👤what did you learn during quarantine? 🐰during quarantine..well, i’ve quarantined in Korea as well [before] but [i learned that] time is quite precious..i thought that i should cherish and use it well. Let’s live diligently (live life to the fullest)

👤what time is it there ㅜ for you to come at this time..?ㅜ(i’m saying its good) it makes me (want to) wait kekeke 🐰here right now its 6:15 in the morning and these days i wake up early so im used to this time (of the day)

👤whats your favorite ice cream?? 🐰favorite ice-cream? ….ah..i can’t choose for this one.I like a variety

👤grammy i’m coming 🐰LETS GOO

👤cheery blossoms seemed to be pretty. Go see it once/lets go see it once 🐰when i go back to korea..will there be cherry blossoms?i feel like they won’t be there/they’ll be gone. Well, i do want to see too it if i can

👤hello. I’m bts’s golden maknae jeon jungkook. jeon jungkook will show you an aegyo set of three 🐰 hello. I’m bts’s golden maknae jeon jungkook. jeon jungkook will show you an aegyo set of three. Ohh this right now is making me repeat and do it right? Im not going to do it!

👤bamie is more handsome than you😜 🐰ok! I accept/approve! Bam is handsome

👤after grammys do you want to do vlive? 🐰should i? After the grammys i/we will go live everyone. Yeahh

👤i want to do the tangsuyuk game together with jungkookie? (Its a game where two people go back and forth saying one letter of tangsuyuk at a time until one stumbles over a letter) 🐰you probably won’t win against me?i’m a master of that. totally

👤do you eat regularly? 🐰i don’t eat regularly and i just eat when i want to eat if not i just eat it when [they/the staff] prepare it for me/us and when im alone i don’t think i eat regularly(by meal)

👤jungkookie will come tomorrow too right?:( 🐰do you want to see me that much? Ok i’ll come

👤tonight, its 2521’s lat episode 🐰ah i have to watch it i have to watch it

👤i’m coming to like oppa more and more. What should i do? 🐰then wouldnt it be ok if you like me more and more?

👤i’m tired……please read this backwards/in reverse 🐰everyone, cheer up ahh this is how it goes/ends up huh everyone, cheer up everyone, cheer up~ 내힘들다 >다들 힘내

👤namjoonie breaks things often and what do you think about that?😅 🐰its science, science

👤what is your favorite song now? 🐰 But I wish I knew Baby, where you are tonight Loving you girl is such a lonely feeling Whatever I say or do I'll always 🎵Loving You Girl - Peder Elias 🔗

(I missed this one from earlier) 👤for jungkookie to answer/reply (to me) i wonder what kind of virtues i have/one has to build up till now… 🐰right/yeah so how did you build virtues [for me to reply to you]? Haha

👤i really like tulips 🐰i really like you

👤please read egija backwards for me….yagija too……!!! (Explanation in qrt; basically 이기자>자기이&야기자>자기야 = honey/darling&hey honey) 🐰if you ask me to do things like this, does jagi(honey) think i’ll do it?

👤jungkookah lets start word relay (game)! ARMY (Game where you go in order saying a word that starts with last letter of word said by previous person until one gets stuck) 🐰(sings i miss you by kim bumsoo; lyrics he started with starts with 미)

👤why is the earth round? 🐰on youtube if you search ‘why is the earth round?’ It’ll come out, probably

👤would 2521 end with a happy ending or sad ending? 🐰i don’t like sad endings that much so director-nim you’re listening right now, right? Thank you in advance/please take good care of it

👤these days what perfume do you use? 🐰these days i use that perfume..what that is is…(cuts off)

👤kekekekekeke 🐰HAHAHAHAHAHA

👤please try [talking in] a busan accent… 🐰 please try [talking in] a busan accent..busan..it does come out naturally sometimes…(in satoori) hey, isn’t it/aren’t i from busan?!huh/right?! Eat and?! Huh?!

👤if/when you read (this), lets do star 🐰i’m not good at starcraft

👤please do/say ‘blueberry smoothie’ 🐰this is that (*referring to meme where in korea you can tell where someone is from by the way they say blueberry smoothie bc of the diff accents) right? (*without satoori) Blueberry smoothie this and (*in busan satoori) Blueberry smoothie

👤today its my birthday and can you sing me the happy birthday song!!!😊 (Side note: w/o ? and just ! it means ‘I can sing you happy bday) 🐰(sings happy birthday)

👤oppa, i also want to tell you i like you 🐰tell me now. That you like me

👤what is your height? 🐰my height..i think it’s about 179 (cm)..when/if i wear shoes

👤today i was feeling down/sad but i was so happy because you came. Thank you💜🥺 🐰who made you feel down/sad? Huh? Who is it? Bring them here

👤i’m currently writing my thesisㅠㅠits no joke. Im dying 🐰make sure to eat well as you do/write it!hwaiting!!

👤can you laugh for me/us again? I connected to the speaker just now 🐰HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

👤how do i choose my major/field of study? It’s hard.. 🐰 where your heart leads you/follow your heart

👤person that sings 10000 hours🥺🥺 🐰 10, 000 hours and 10, 000 more Oh, if that's what it takes to learn that sweet heart of yours And I might never get there, but I'm gonna

👤(keyboard smash) 🐰ok what could it be that you want to say right now? Ok (reads the text) ok, in the end there’s your mother..then now be good to your mother (Theres mom=엄마 (umma) in the last bit and he said 어머니 which is more like ‘mother’)

👤you have to be happy 🐰you also have to be happy

👤read yaboyeo backwards for me (Explained in qrt; 야보여>여보야) 🐰ah honey/darling! I told you im not going to do it even if you ask me to do things like this

👤jongkookssi 🐰(sings Lovable by Kim Jongkook)

👤whats 11? 🐰ok what 11 is..ok there are two 1s now right?so what’s 11? Its 2

👤right now in the background tango is coming out as bgm and can you please sing just one line for us??ㅠㅠ🥺🥺 🐰tango passed (*in aegyo)~~~~but wait a minute. Please wait

🐰(sings Tango by Abir) You think I can't handle Dancing on my own It takes two to tango But only one to let go I'm sorry I can't

👤me too, it’s my birthday today 🐰it’s your birthday~

👤ding dong👀 🐰ding dong~

👤oppa, im taking profile photos soon.Can you recommend a pose? 🐰slightly tilt your neck 45 degrees,and then put your left hand on top of your head and after putting your right hand on your waist, slightly pull your pelvis/hips out to the right and [move]your left leg 45 degrees

👤yo boy/man, whatsup 🐰wassup

👤i dont know how to impress/move my crush…do you perhaps have a secret method? 🐰uhh go to your crush and (*in satoori) hey! Eat with me and! Yeah/huh!!?hold hands and! Yeah/Huh?! Go to the amusement park and?! Yeah/Huh?!

👤lachibolala 🐰LACHIBOLALA

👤please go to school today 🐰i also want to go to school again. I’m not going to/wouldnt study there but just.. i want to go there

👤oppa i drank strawberry high all today and it was so tasty 🐰i also want to eat/drink it. Strawberry highball sounds good. I feel like it’s going to be tasty. Bring it here!

👤do you sing while showering? 🐰uh its a must! A must! While showering I sing a lot! Its no joke. Theres that echoing

👤Jungkookie reading my comment would be harder than winning the lottery rightㅠㅠ 🐰wouldn’t winning the lottery be harder?

👤i want to see your hand 🐰hi!!here, my hand! Yaaa

👤i am suing Jeon Jungkook…because he gave my heart a hard time… 🐰i’m going to file a counterclaim

👤jeon jungkook, open the door,,,,,, 🐰no/i don’t want to! Im not going to open it! You open it and come in

👤in a world where everyone became a zombie, only me being human vs in a world where everyone is human, only me being a zombie 🐰 in a world where everyone is human, only me being a zombie

👤are you my soulmate? Please say yes 🐰YES

👤singibangi bboongbboongbangi plz say 🐰singibangi bboongbboongbangi

👤heung(hmph) winning the lottery is hard and receiving a reply is also hard life is hard 🐰im telling you winning the lottery is harder

👤are we fighting for our dreams? 🐰 are we fighting for our dreams? Thats right. We have to fight. For my/ones dreams, i’m/one is fighting a fight against myself/oneself.

👤jungkook, on april fools day, did you pull a prank?🤡 🐰i didnt even know it was april fools day. I found out/knew after hearing [from someone] later….hahahahheoheo

👤my phone is broken, can you console/comfort me a bit?🥺 🐰if your phone is broken, how did you send this?i’m quite good at reasoning/inferring..hmm..the criminal is in here

👤jungkookah, i went here a lot but i didnt recieve a reply 🐰this..its because a lot of messages come so i can’t check them one by one/individually. I ask for your generous understanding everyone. I love you. Thank you.

👤oppa, i got my hanja certificate!! Please compliment me! 🐰CONGRATULATIONS

👤if i receive a reply, i’m going to go around bragging about it till i die.. 🐰ok, confirmed/check! Brag forever/for the rest of your life

👤our relationship is a rainbow (Reference to a line from 25 21) 🐰no, this is love. theres no need for (a) rainbow (Also a line from 25 21)

👤i want go meet jungkook hyung🥺 🐰hey lets meet soon! Where are you?are you doing well?

👤really, if i receive a reply, i’m going to go around doing forward rolls to buy pokemon breadㅠㅜㅜ 🐰ok! Forward rolls checked! Don’t get hurt

👤i’m in the middle of class and i’m trying/working hard to translate to write a letter for you kekekekeke 🐰whaa who is using their phones in the middle of class?!huh?!you have to focus! On me! Right! You’re doing well!

👤why do you like banana milk so much? 🐰why do i like banana milk so much?since its tasty!

👤if i receive a reply, i’ll do a forward roll and backward roll…! 🐰ok backward roll checked! Lets go!

👤my name starts with S and bts ends with s. Is this fate?🤔 🐰yes, it’s fate. I’m a fatalist

👤singibangi bboongboongbangi, thats something seventeen jeonghan made,,,kekekekeke 🐰ah singibangi bboongboongbangi its something jeonghan-nim made? Thank you jeonghan-nim. I learned something new again. thank you

👤oppa, if you reply, ill shave my head and go to meet oppa while doing backward rolls. 🐰ok shaving your head checked/noted!till when are you all going to do it/this?don’t do it don’t do it

👤please say “sleep well” 🐰sleep well~ dream a happy dream!

👤jungkookie hyung, if you reply, i’ll do all my school studies/work right now 🐰ok lets go study

👤💜 🎵Light Switch - @charlieputh 🔗

👤whats the skill pikachu likes?⚡️ 🐰answer! One million volts (thunderbolt)

👤did flowers bloom there too??? 🐰flowers did bloom here. Right now, its here right now. HAHA

👤hey!! Baek yijin!!! (Character in 25 21) 🐰i wasnt trying to kiss you!i was trying to remove that thread! (Continues the line following the hey baek yijin; its from ep13)


👤i miss your golden closet videos 🐰 i miss your golden closet videos. Uh right now, i’m not in the circumstances/am not able to film videos..yes,i’m sorry uhh soon..no not soon, but if theres/when i get a chance i’ll film again.

👤please tell me just the conditioner you’re using 🐰i uhhh don’t really use conditioner or treatment. I’m sorry

👤spider man vs batman???? 🐰spider man~ spider man~

👤reply sobsob what should i do sobsob to receive sobsob it sobsob 🐰i, for this, uhh..because im doing it by continuously refreshing and choosing one from the ones on the top..yes..so if you [continue to] do it like this, i think you can receive a reply like this. Yes, thank you

👤say hi please 🐰hi!!bye!!

👤did you miss jhope? 🐰jhoooooooope! J-Hope is coming!

👤ah? Guess I’m hopeless/screwed. Jungkookah you won’t see this but i love you 🐰yes~ i love you

👤iron man or buzz lightyear 🐰 iron man or buzz lightyear. Infinity and beyond!!!

👤what kind of pizza do you like? 🐰yes, i like pepperoni pizza. Thank you

👤eyoo Hitman bang… 🐰ayo hitman bang introduces hit it! The second audition! Rap dance (noraero) sangdaebangeui gisuneul jaeaphae geurigo nae badge uh!

👤boy! Are you really appearing in a drama? If not, is it a rumor? 🐰uhh its/this is boy! Uhh..if the director-nims use me, and also if my schedule works out, i’ll try to do my best!

👤do you know that “jamonda” is satoori? 잠온다=sleep is coming=im sleepy 🐰uh right. In busan they say jamonda a lot. Normally don’t [people] say jollida(졸리다; im sleepy) or like so, usually? Well sleep uh (In satoori) are you sleepy?ah if you’re sleepy hey! eat and!!

👤how about jjapaguri (chapagetti+neoguri) for dinner? 🐰oh jjapaguri for dinner sounds good. Lets go! I can’t eat it (though). Dinner, lets go!

👤im sleepy, so answer😪 🐰(in satoori)hey! Are you sleepy?if you’re sleepy then huh?! Hey?! Huh huh?! Sleep~

👤what do you think ‘yaggeonae’ is backwards? (야꺼내 = hey take it out but backwards= 내꺼야= (its) mine) 🐰you’re mine! *he added the “you’re”

👤(below) 🐰(reads the reply) i know!but! I also want to [speak in english]! I want to speak english well! Sorry! I don’t speak english very well.

👤what do you want to eat right now? 🐰what do you want to eat right now? Uh right now, ehh uhh i want to eat samgyupsal (pork belly) you know what im saying?

👤oppa im studying korean but the pronunciation is hard😵‍💫😭😭 Please teach me the pronunciation of ggweah(꽤=quite)🙏 🐰ok! Listen! Ggwaeh! Ggweah! It’s ggweah (quite) fun! I’m ggweah (quite) happy! Ggweah! Duck(o-ri)! ggwaek ggwaek! (Quack quack=꽥꽥)

👤singing still with you please🎶 🐰 singing still with you please (*sings*)

👤i am jealous/envy you. Please don’t hold Jimin😭 🐰you’re being jealous right now?be jealous! I will keep holding jiminie eblehblehbluhbleh

👤jungkookah, when you refresh, i hope i can be seen/you can see me 🐰i saw you!

👤here, its 11 pm right now. I want to do/give you a good night kiss 🐰mmmwah

👤i give up 🐰don’t give up

👤oppa if you reply, i’ll certainly/make sure to become a hair designer and do oppa’s hair for free! 🐰ok! Check/noted! after becoming a designer, give me the coordinates/location, and please invite me quickly/soon! Its gonna [have to] be free every day, this! Noted!


👤hajiman (but) kkot (flower) 🐰hajiman kkot. Whats hajiman kkot?but kkot!! Ah~ i want to see but kkot! (Sings ‘Cherry Blossom Ending’ by Busker Busker 🔗 *op did wordplay/pun with 벚꽃(butkkot) = cherry blossoms with 하지만=but in korean

👤you won’t see this…and that’s making me sad…but i like u jk 🐰i’m seeing you~

👤can i call you yeoboseo without seo? Yeoboseo - seo=yeobo (여보=honey/darling) 🐰do it! Yeobo~

👤lets sing some songs 🐰you want me to call norae/song?ok!hey noraeya! Noraeya! Noraeya! Where did it/they go? *he’s being punny with 부르다 meaning to call but with 노래/song it becomes sing. So he’s literally calling for ‘norae/song’

👤i want to hear ‘my time’ 🐰(sings to my time but with lyrics changed) 24! I want to get out of here more than anyone else! 5 days of quarantine is over~

👤can you please hug me? Im sad 🐰come here~i’ll hug you

👤introduction 🐰hello! I’m BTS’s Jungkook. Nice to meet you

👤i hope you reply to me in my dream…ㅠㅠ 🐰i’ll go to your dream

👤(korean tongue twister) 🐰kyungchalcheong cheong*sangchangcha chachachachachacha *he stumbles over the word right after the first word (marked with*)

👤i’m your everything 🐰thats right. You’re my everything

🐰ah because i surpassed 100 (story posts), they say that this (some stories) disappeared. Ok then, today i’ll do it up to here/stop here! Thank you! See you soon! Bye bye!

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