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cw// incest, miyacest, ft. Suna suna always had his suspicions that the twins were more than just brothers. for example, when the twins would score a point using their combined attack, they would hug afterwards, and osamu would wrap his arms around atsumu's waist and atsumu

would wrap his arms around osamu's neck and stay there for a few seconds and everyone thinks it's normal, or just "a brother thing" but it didnt seem that way to suna because he wouldn't do that to his little sister Rio. ofcourse he would hug his

sister but not like THAT, not to the point where it would look like they were a couple and it's been eating him alive. he has to know what goes on behind closed doors. "oi suna" suna turned to look at kita "yes kita-san?" kita stood in his perfect posture and said "it's your

turn to lock up the club room and the gym today" suna had forgotten about that. "sure" he said and went to grab some water. 'what a drag' he thought as he took a sip from his water bottle. an hour had passed and everyone was packing up, suna was given the keys from their

coach , while everyone else was already walking out "see ya tomorrow rin!" gingima yelled out , all suna did was wave goodnight and turned around and started mopping the floors. that was, until he heard heavy moans coming from the locker room. he ignored it thinking it was

just him being tired however, the moans got louder and a small yelp came from the same direction, so suna decided to go see what it was. he opened the doors as quietly as he could and saw the unthinkable. the famous miya atsumu getting his back blown out by his brother

miya osamu, suna surprisingly didn't have his phone so all be could really do was watch and try not to get caught. "ah samu~" suna couldn't lie, this was pretty hot. "that's not my name, what's my name?" holy shit that was hot. "da-daddy~" suna felt like he was going

to explode. he thought he kept it quiet but all of the thoughts filled his head he didnt even hear himself say "oh my god" that's when a pair of hazel brown eyes looked at him , then suna heard a very familiar voice. "wanna join rin?"

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