Apa | Eating at Horny-giri Miya

Apa | Eating at Horny-giri Miya



#miyacestober2022 Day 3 🦊 Paranormal Atsumu didn’t realise it wasn’t normal for a long time. In fact he wasn’t /really/ sure that anything extraordinary was going on until he was sixteen.

As a child he found his reflection to be as entertaining as anyone else. How funny to wave his hand and watch himself. Even better that the reflection occasionally showed a new toy or made a silly face at him.

A few times he asked about the mirror toys. Why does mirror Atsumu get a rabbit when he got a bear? Why does mirror Atsumu like to pick the green ball so often? Why does mirror Atsumu sometimes look so angry?

His parent dismissed him or gave useless answers so, eventually, he stopped asking. Sometimes he saw mirror Atsumu running to keep up out of the corner of his eye, across puddles, in the reflection of glassy storefront, or stretched out across the chrome a car.

Over time he watched his peers and parents. Their reflection always matched, always. As he became a teenager the reflection seemed to match more often, but not always. His reflection sometimes looked bored or frustrated when Atsumu wasn’t. Occasionally it seemed to lag behind.

Then, at 16 he finally convinced his mom to let him bleach his hair. With the help of one if his aunts he bleached it. Unfortunately, he’d forgotten how much of a chatter box his aunt could be and he lost his patience with the ordeal before they applied any toner.

Good enough he decided, and walked out with a damp head of hair. It was sunny enough to walk home and let it dry. He could see the blonde bits out of the corner of his eyes and reached up to twist at his locks, looking at them nearly cross eyed in the process.

The gold color was perfect for a cool, mature person such as himself! He arrived home and called out greetings to his mom. Atsumu threw off his shoes and made his way to the bathroom to finally get a good luck at his new style without such a loud audience.

The bathroom light flickered on and something was wrong. He tried to flip the switch off and on but it made no difference. For the first time he wondered who exactly was staring back at him. The hair on his reflection was /grey/.

💗end💗 I actually started thinking about this concept LAST October so I’m happy to turn it into a thread at least 😊

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