murciélago 🦇💖✨

murciélago 🦇💖✨



#miyacest osamu fucking around to find out how /sloooooow/ he can dick atsumu down, sliding his fat cock into atsumu's needy hole unhurried, stretching him around the thickest part of his shaft to the narrower base and then pulling out just as slow. sadistically slow.

atsumu gasping, writhing, begging, clutching the sheets and /suffering/ at the intensity of the slow glide of osamu's cock, dialing up every sensation of being impaled, filled up, only for osamu to change direction and slowly, slowly pull away, away, away, choking on sobs until

just the tip is kissing his throbbing hole, suspended until osamu presses forward again - leisurely, achingly, painfully - steadily invading deep into his core, a torturous process that he can barely stand without falling completely apart. 😩😩😩

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