Thread 🚨 I have a serious problem with the term “pre-diabetes” The prefix “pre” is used to describe what comes before something. In reality, “pre” diabetes is “post” 15 years of hyperinsulinemia & inflammation 1/

Prediabetes is usually diagnosed by checking an a1c level, which is the percentage of hemoglobin that binds to sugar as a percentage of normal hemoglobin. If you a1c is between 5.7 and 6.4, you are considered to have “pre-diabetes” 2/

To achieve this level of pre-diabetes, you must sustain enough carbohydrate/glycemic excursions & weight gain where your average glucose rises sufficiently above normal levels. See this slide from an amazing talk from @LauraBuchananMD 3/

The a1c describes your speed, your are past your speed limit. But we NOW know is that your engine has likely been redlining for years prior to this diagnosis. Fasting insulin levels consistently rise 10 years prior to a diabetes diagnosis! 4/

And this problem is A LOT WORSE than a bunch of numbers off on some lab work 5/

The amount of triple vessel (severe) cardiac disease seen in pre-diabetes is ASTOUNDING! Countless patients receive CACs, or heart CAT scans upon starting our programs and the amount of results above 400 (which is severe coronary disease) is unbelievable! 6/

Countless people in their 40s and early 50s are coming to me for the first time to try to finally loss weight or after their primary found pre-diabetes and diabetes… we are finding that the disease processed have already set in & often is very severe. 7/

The bottom line is this: Medicine in its current state is reactionary. They incorrectly call a disease pre-diabetes, its actually POST 10-15 years of disease your body can no longer handle. So here’s my advice for the average person going to a rent-a-doc /8

1) talk to your doctor about a CAC 2) talk to your doctor about a CIMT 3) check a fasting insulin 4) get an NMR lipid panel 5) ask for a CGM 6) get a sleep study 7) and eat real food 8) eliminate stress 9) take your health seriously /end

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