blushing kacchan brainrot 🧡

blushing kacchan brainrot 🧡



dkbk where izuku is a famous idol and this makes it really hard for him to make genuine connections with people he has his friends and he loves them, but he's honestly lonely and starting to think he's probably never gonna find someone he can trust or actually fall in love with

he can't even leave his house without an elaborate disguise -- sunglasses, a hat, a face mask and clothes he would never usually be seen in. all that just so he can go to the store by himself and shop in peace without being stormed by fans

he spends most of his free evenings this way, just strolling around supermarkets looking for snacks to try. and one of those times he got so preoccupied with the snacks, he didn't notice when his cart collided with someone else's

"watch it, asshat!" the person snapped. izuku looked up -- and lost his breath. he was staring at the most beautiful guy he'd ever seen, and shit, izuku wasn't someone who got crushes on people easily but he was pretty sure he was in love with this guy

instead of apologizing for being so careless, he started freaking out and trying to untangle his cart from the other guy's, all the while muttering to himself "are you okay? you're acting like a lunatic." the guy said. so forward! how could izuku *not* fall in love with him?

"I'm fine!" He squeaked. "Er, I was just wondering what your name is." ah shit. he was really bad at flirting. but for some reason, this pretty guy didn't seem to think so. he raised his eyebrows curiously. "Katsuki." he said. "You?"

shit. now izuku really panicked. "um, I'm Deku!" He said before he could think of anything better "Deku?" "Yup! It's really nice to meet you katsuki." izuku grinned, but then he realized he was still wearing a mask

despite izuku's crazy appearance and his even crazier behavior, katsuki agreed to exchange numbers with him and they made plans to hang out the following evening. izuku showed up in the same get up he had on the previous day and katsuki didn't say anything about it again

he seemed to think izuku just had really weird fashion sense and he wasn't too bothered by it. but the more they hung out and the more izuku started liking katsuki, his old fear started creeping in again. what if katsuki rejected him once he knew izuku was famous?

or worse, what if he started using him for his fame? what if he freaked out like everyone always did in his presence? but he had to face the truth -- it wasn't like he could keep going with this charade for much longer anyway. so the next time they hung out, izuku got up the

courage to finally admit everything "kacchan i have to tell you something." he said katsuki looked at him curiously. "what's up?" "My real name isn't Deku. I lied about that because I didn't want you to know who i was." he admitted

"you're not a serial killer, are you?" Kacchan muttered suspiciously, which eased izuku's nerves a bit "no." He laughed. and then he slowly took off his cap and mask, revealing his trademark freckles and green curls. "My real name is Midoriya Izuku." he said, and waited

"Well that's a lot better than deku." Katsuki said after a moment of silence. "I didn't wanna be mean or anything but i kinda thought your parents secretly hated you to give you a shitty name like that." he scoffed wait what?

"it... doesn't freak you out?" izuku asked "Hah? what, that you have a normal name? No." "No, that I'm..." and that's when izuku realized katsuki had no idea who he was. it almost felt like a dream! it was definitely too good to be true

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