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10 marketing resource websites you won't believe are free (bookmark these asap):

1. Landing Page Example Library Great landing pages = more sales = more money in your pocket. Here are 1,000 examples to get you started

2. SMS Marketing Examples Library 91% of consumers opt-in to text messages from brands. Here are 100s of real SMS marketing examples to inspire your campaign:

3. TikTok Ads Library TikTok is one of the most used social platforms in the world. Here's a library showing you the highest performing TikTok ads so you can replicate success:

4. YC Startup School Classes This FREE school and community teaches you how to come up with startup ideas, talk to users, launch, set goals, and drive revenue growth:

@semrush 7. Email Marketing Library See real email examples from 1000s of brands for all types of email marketing scenarios: surveys, newsletters, cart abandonment, and more:

@semrush 9. Trending Podcast Topics (by @paulsingh) Scout the best trending podcast topics and ideas to help you go viral:

@semrush @paulsingh 10. Learning SEO Library Want to learn SEO for free? Here is a curated spreadsheet library of hundreds of articles to help you learn SEO from A to Z.

@semrush @paulsingh Thanks for reading, and I hope you found these free resources helpful! If you're feeling generous, RT the first tweet above and share these free resources with others 😄

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