Apa | Eating at Horny-giri Miya

Apa | Eating at Horny-giri Miya



#miyacestober2022 Day 14 🦊 Caught + Corrupted // mild gore, implied non-con somno, murder, manipulation

A continuation of Day 2 🔪

He could feel Atsumu’s eye following him all week. Unguarded and innocently trying to put together the pieces in front of him.

Osamu had been careless. Not with the bodies. Never. But with the only link between all these people: Atsumu.

He didn’t distract his brother well enough from the latest disappearance. Work had gotten very busy with negotiations with a new distributor and, well, Atsumu always seemed happy enough when they were together.

He still complained about the neighbors and spent too much time playing that gem game on his phone as normal. After doing this a dozen times over the last few years without any suspicion from his brother he had gotten lazy.

They were older now, and as they watched their friends settle down and wedding invitations trickled in through the mail Atsumu was looking for something more than the hook-ups that fizzled out when someone lost interest.

He was more hopeful and invested in each date, even only for what it could become. He had noticed the sudden cut off in communication from the girl. And more importantly that it lined up with a period he couldn’t get in touch with Osamu either.

There was something thrilling and exciting about having more of Atsumu’s attention. (Wasn’t that why he went to all these efforts?)

His scalp tingled in a shivering elation at the thought of showing his darling all of his work. The neat slices and methodical handling of each body part. Atsumu was always so supportive of Osamu’s cooking, was this not a natural extension?

He’d never get Atsumu exactly the way he wanted him. The deep, carnal, messy, way he wanted to leave no barrier between them. The way he imagined since they were small boys. The way he pictured before bed each night. The way he indulged ever so slightly when Atsumu was ‘sick’.

But maybe he could guide Atsumu towards accepting Osamu’s other hobby and it could become another thing they shared between them. He had great success with getting Atsumu out of the dorms and into a shared apartment where he could keep a better eye on him after all.

This would require delicate nudging but his darling was so good, he could get there. It was time for Atsumu to catch him.


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