17. To add another point, after शिवसहस्रनाम was revealed by कृष्ण to युधिष्ठिर, different sages come to speak of the glory of worshipping शिव & among them, पराशर-ऋषि stated that he worshipped महादेव for a son who will be a वेदव्यास & शिव blesses him with more than what he asked.+

17. Cont’d: Not only will he become a वेदव्यास (वेदानां च स वै वक्ता) but will also be 1 of the सप्त-ऋषि in the era of सावर्ण-मनु (सावर्णस्य मनोः सर्गे सप्तर्षिश्च भविष्यति), the author of an इतिहास & पुराण-s (इतिहासस्य कर्ता च पुत्रस्ते जगतो हितः) & wait, relevances to महाभारत?+

महादेव also gives a specific blessing that this son of पराशर-ऋषि will be a generator of the lineage of कुरु (कुरुवंशकर), although this was not specifically sought by the ऋषि. And indeed, व्यास revived the line of कुरु at a most critical time! #शिवभारतम् #shivabhAratam

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