I started over 13 YouTube Channels in the past year. While most of them failed, the combined channels resulted in: 317,000+ Subs 258,000,000+ Views Here's what I learned... (threadπŸ‘‡)

I started Youtube back in late 2020. And I didn't know a single damn thing. Now I'm focused on building a successful channel longterm And avoiding these 13 things to explode my growth:

Channel #1: ❌ Mistake: Outsourcing your content wayyy too early. Instead of learning how to properly make a video, I let random freelancers edit and work on my videos Which resulted in dry/uninteresting content.

Channel #2: βœ… Learned: Benefits of posting consistently on a channel Posting everyday helped grow my channel/knowledge like crazy πŸ€ͺ It's definitely one of the best ways to learn the YT fundamentals.

Channel #3: βœ… Learned: Double down on successful video series Once you have a viral video, Turn it into a series you can make dozens of videos around Ex. Matthew Beem's "I built" series

Channel #4: ❌ Mistake: Taking on projects that you aren't passionate about. βœ… Takeaway: Work on a channel you find interesting Because you will be working on that channel for years to come...

Channel #5: ❌ Mistake: Not planning out a longterm strategy for your channel βœ… Takeaway: You need to have goals you aim towards. So that you have something to work towards & defines what you're trying to do.

Channel #6: ❌ Mistake: Rushing into a trending niche w/o a gameplan. Once the trend died the channel died, Because I didn't have a gameplan to capitalize on the new audience the trend gave me. βœ… Takeaway: Once again, have a longterm gameplan πŸ˜‚

Channel #7: ❌ Mistake: Content wasn't authentic and couldn't go viral βœ… Takeaway: Create videos on topics that hit a broad enough audience to go viral. And make the authentic content because your audience is human and can sense FAKE content

Channel #8: ❌ Mistake: Not giving your channel enough time to grow βœ… Takeaway: Youtube is longterm. Focus on the longterm. You have to be patience enough to reap the rewards you sow. One of my channels went on to hit 127k subs bc I didn't give up

Channel #9: ❌ Mistake: Running too many channels at the same time. Only just applied this lesson now πŸ˜‚ βœ… Takeaway: Focus all your time and skills on single channel You'll see way better results faster.

Channel #10: βœ… Learned: Your content needs to be interesting Use storytelling to keep people watching. (stakes, end goal, B-plot, etc) lil tip: just cuz u think your content is interesting doesn't mean it is Good starting point πŸ‘‡

Channel #11: βœ… Learned: What makes a good tn & title Titles --> Intriguing & Under 40 ish characters Tns --> Easy to understand & pop out Topic also plays a huge part in the click so pick interesting ones.

Channel #12: ❌ Mistake: Didn't focus on quality content. βœ… Takeaway: Quantity is great and all, but imo quality is the future Quality = 1,000,000+ View Videos Quantity = 10,000+ View Videos Each has it's benefits. Really depends on your niche/content

Channel #13: βœ… Learned: Pick interesting fucking topics. (easier said then done lol) Look for topic patterns in viral videos and recreate them. Ex. Controversial Topics, Against the Norm Topics, Weird Object Topics, etc

Summary 1. Be passionate ab what u do 2. Focus on 1 channel 3. Have a longterm strategy 4. Focus on making viral videos 5. Create interesting stories 6. Double down on success 7. Learn/improve everyday I hope this helps you avoid a couple mistake I didn't :)

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