#sakuatsu nsfw  #hqomegaverseweek2022 @HQomegaverse Day 02: Mating Bites | “Fuck me already” "Behave." It was a simple command, but all it took for Atsumu's knees to buckle under his weight.

Looking up from where he knelt, he met Sakusa's dark onyx eyes brimming with want, desire and lust. He found himself tearing his gaze away, heat coloring his cheeks, unable to face the fervent hunger brooding in those orbs.

How long had he yearned for Sakusa to look at him in this light? Body quivering, Atsumu watched the alpha stride towards him purposefully with a confident air of poise, power.

Every living cell in his body was telling him to present on his fours, but he was under Sakusa’s alpha command. Amidst the anticipation, blood surging through his veins and heart hammering against his chest, there was a wave of calm from the rich, intoxicating pheromones of

sandalwood and bergamot, and Sakusa’s touch- long, dexterous fingers weaving through his hair gently.  The calm did not last for long.  Not when the grip in his hair suddenly tightened, and his head was yanked back.

Not when Sakusa leaned into his ear and whispered ‘mine’ possessively.  Not when teeth sank into the juncture of his shoulder, just shy of his mating glands, a promise of what was to come. A cry that sounded more like a long, drawn out whine emitted from Atsumu’s parted lips.

"Omi-" "Be quiet," Sakusa spoke lowly, inhaling the sweet scent of the omega’s pheromones- peaches with a hint of cinnamon, lips curving into a knowing smile when Atsumu’s petulant whine fell short, fingernails digging into the flesh of his palms.

Forced to swallow his words and meet the intensity of Sakusa's stare, heat pooled in his belly. A wet trail of slick leaked down his thighs. Atsumu knew he wanted this- to be taken apart by the alpha before him. Mated, bonded, bred. Sakusa was the only alpha he'd wanted.

Atsumu had mustered the courage to ask Sakusa out on dates. Beamed when the alpha agreed begrudgingly, ears red in embarrassment. He had gone as far as to tease the dark haired alpha on the court and behind closed doors.

When all else failed, Atsumu appeared by the alpha’s doorway during his heat leave, preheat consuming him, tears clinging to his lashes.  A part of him always feared that Sakusa found him unattractive- he was the unconventional omega.

Brash, confident, tall and strong, Atsumu possessed none of that sweetness and gentleness regular omegas did. Maybe that was why the alpha never caved into his advances.  On this occasion however, he found some success-

Sakusa had dragged him into his den with a sense of urgency upon seeing Atsumu all teary eyed, smelling sweeter than nectar. Dripping between his thighs, an umated omega in heat, served on a silver platter for an alpha to take.

Atsumu was oblivious to how the alpha had long felt about him. An equally hungry desire to take, mark and breed, Sakusa had only held back in fear that it wasn't the right time. Not that it mattered anymore.

Not when there was the omega of his dreams right in front of him, smelling sweet and ripe for the taking.  "Already?" Sakusa teased, nostrils flaring at the scent of sweet slick pooling between parted knees.

Releasing his grip to rub Atsumu's cheek, a burst of affection shot through his chest when the omega bit his lower lip, looking slightly coy, before nodding. Leaning into Sakusa’s touch, Atsumu allowed a finger, followed by two, to delve into the wet heat of his mouth.

Fighting back his gag reflex, he swallowed around the slick digits obediently, eyelashes fluttering shut. "Good boy," Sakusa murmured fondly, chest rumbling.

Fingers curling, pushing deeper into the tight heat of Atsumu’s throat, a sense of gratification surging through his veins at the sight of the pretty, docile, blonde kneeling before him.  "So honest. Tell me what you want, sweetheart. Alpha will give it to you."

Atsumu's eyes sparkled, clarity amidst the haze of his heat. He smirked slyly, staring up at the alpha he'd been chasing after for years.  "Fuck me already. I've waited long enough, don't you think? Wouldn't want another alpha to get their hands on me."

Sakusa growled, eyes darkening at the challenge.  "Don't test me, Atsumu. I won't just fuck you. I'll take my time with you. Mark you, fill you up with my cum and breed you full of my pups. You're mine."  A whimper of approval tumbled out of Atsumu's chest.

Eyes glazing over, his heat took reins. Atsumu presented on his fours for his alpha's taking. And Sakusa did more than take, teeth sinking into the back of Atsumu's nape, sheathing himself into his omega's wet heat with a low, pleased growl.  "Mine."

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