Nebula Protocol

Nebula Protocol



2/ The Nebula launch sequence will be split into 4 main stages 1️⃣: $LUNA staker airdrop and protocol gov staking + voting enabled 2️⃣: $NEB Liquidity Bootstrapping (LBP) Event 3️⃣: Nebula Cluster Genesis Proposal 🏁: Full Launch with all protocol features live

3/ Important Dates 🗓 - Phase 1: Airdrop Claimable: 15/04/22 - Phase 2: LBP Governance Proposal: 19/04/22 - Phase 2: LBP Period: 27/04/22 - 02/05/22 - Phase 3: Genesis Cluster Proposal: 02/05/22 - Full Launch: 10/05/22

4/ Phase 1: Airdrop to $LUNA stakers (claimable 18/04/22) 🪂 With the airdrop, Nebula's governance functionality will also go live at This will allow users to stake their $NEB and take part in poll voting for the later phases of the launch.

5/ Phase 2: Nebula LBP 💧 The event will be initiated through an on-chain vote, using funds from Nebula's community pool. Proposed LBP pool config: - Starting $NEB price: $2.45 - Starting weight (NEB-UST): 2-98 - Final weight: 60-40 - LBP duration: 5 days

6/ Phase 3: Genesis Cluster Proposal 🌌 Finally, the Nebula team will be working with key community members to create a proposal for the first cluster on Nebula. The process will start with a text poll on followed by on-chain voting.

7/ Full Launch 🔥 The passing of the cluster creation proposal completes Nebula's launch sequence. After the proposal is executed, the full protocol will go live with all functionalities enabled.

8/ Users will then be able to - mint/burn/trade the cluster's token - rebalance and arbitrage clusters - provide liquidity to cluster pairs to earn $NEB rewards - propose and create additional clusters - and much more LFG 🚀

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