nsfw (osaatsu) #miyacestober2022 day 11 • secret relationship + brazen // HOT RIGHT NOW > Cocksucking champ gets throat fucked by THICK cock nigirball ☑ 117K views 👍 98% +

The video doesn't disappoint. It opens up with a man—the cocksucking champion, if the title is anything to go by—lying with his head on the edge of the bed, mouth open, lips plump and red, looking incredibly welcoming and enticing. At this angle, his face can't be seen. +

A hard cock comes into view next, and it's big. The owner wraps a hand around his length and pumps, before feeding it into the open mouth. A groan follows, a low rumble in the audio. It's a mesmerising sight, watching the cock disappear into the other man's throat, +

who takes it in with ease, gagging not even once. As the man begins to move his hips and fuck into the throat, the camera pans down to show the other man's well-defined body. More importantly, however, it shows the man's hand wrapped around his own cock, +

jerking it leisurely in time with the thrusts of the other man. His moans are muffled by the large cock in his mouth, but it's clear he's getting off on this. The camera refocuses on the thick cock disappearing and reappearing out of his mouth, +

the bulging visible in his throat. Moments later, a large hand comes to wrap around it, as if wanting to feel where his cock is reaching. Before the man comes, he pulls his cock out and strokes it furiously, before spilling all over the other man's face and chest. +

The camera shows the other man quickly coming afterwards, their ejaculate mixing together. The camera shakes slightly and the sound of harsh panting can be heard, but just before the video cuts off, a joyous laugh can be heard. +

SUGGESTED > Blondie gets pounded from behind nigirball ☑ 1.3M views 👍 94% +

The video opens up on the same bed as before, but this time, it goes straight to the fucking. A blond man is on his knees with his face pressed into the mattress, hands fisting the sheets, as his bubble butt is fucked relentlessly by the familiar thick cock. +

This time his beautiful moans can be heard, as can his pleas for his partner to go faster, to fuck him hard. He babbles about how much he likes thick cock, and how good he feels. The top responds in kind, telling the blond he's so fucking tight, calling him a cock whore. +

"Ya like that, don'tcha?" he asks. "Ya like it when I call ya names." "/Fuuuuck/," the bottom sobs, rocking his ass back onto the cock, meeting each thrust. It's an incredibly intense video, one that would make anyone wet and hard. There are comments saying they couldn't +

/breathe/ until they watched both men come, reaching their own orgasm with them, a wave of relief washing over them after. 'i always come back to this vid, thanks boys for the best wanks of my life,' another comment reads. +

and another, 'my girlfriend sent me this. should i feel inadequate or beg her to fuck me like this?' Most impressive is perhaps that the top maintains his pace even as he comes, continuing to piston his bottom's hole even as come starts to leak out. +

There's not way you wouldn't come after that, which is exactly what the blond does, his arm moving in a way that clearly indicates he's jacking himself off, with a groan confirming his orgasm. He goes slack after that, properly collapsing onto the bed. +

The top pulls out and rubs his cock and come over the bottom's crack and ass, then the video ends. ... +

"Fuck, Samu, fuck," Atsumu stutters, as Osamu thrusts into him. They don't film every time they have sex, nor do they upload every video they film. It's what keeps things healthy and special. "Didya see our vid on the front page today?" Osamu asks, pinching Atsumu's nipple. +

"Yeah, shit— We're gonna hit our next milestone soon, I reckon." When the twins first uploaded a sex tape to the internet, they would've never imagined it would've ballooned into this. Being one of the most popular amateur porn couples on their platform, +

regularly gaining new views and subscribers. People asking /them/ for sex advice. 'Fuck yer twin,' Atsumu had joked to Osamu, when he saw the comment. '/Get fucked/ by yer twin, in yer case," Osamu joked back. +

"It's fuckin' hot that no one knows it's us," Atsumu comments. "We upload our vids for the world to see but none of them know they're jerkin' off ta two twins." "Good," Osamu replies, punctuating it with a hard thrust. "We're already taking enough of a risk, +

considering me with my restaurant and you with yer volleyball career." "Hey," Atsumu starts, wrapping his legs around Osamu's waist and grinning up at his twin. "If it /does/ get out at least we can still do this. There're plenty of freaks who'd love ta watch us fuck." +

"Sure, but let's keep things anonymous for now." Osamu only feels the need to emphasise this because he knows his brother has a penchant to engage in deviant behaviour, and he would not put it past him to leak their identities himself. +

"Alright, Tsumu," Atsumu promises easily. "But only cause ya fuck me so good."

// atsumu 100% called himself cocksucking champ btw, and when osamu was like 'what, sucked many cocks before have ya?', atsumu is just like 'bruh it's a feat taking YER cock every day.'

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