6 websites that are so fantastic you'll wonder how they even exist (for developers):

1. ScribeHow (@ScribeHow) Turn any process into a step-by-step guide, instantly. • Click record • Do the thing you want to show someone (like how to reset a password) • Get a beautiful auto-generated guide No manual screenshots. 🔗

3. Blackbox Turn any questions into a code snippet or extract a code snippet from a video. 🔗

4. Figstack One-stop for developers. • Understand code in any programming language • Translate programming languages • Automate documentation for your functions • Get the time complexity of your program 🔗

5. Oh shit, Git! Bad situations and often mistakes that we make while working with Git. You'll probably find your answer here. 🔗

That's pretty much it! You can check out my other threads at @Prathkum. I generally write about web development. 😁

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