sunaatsu // top suna suna has this habit of staring for too long. sometimes he doesn’t realize that he’s doing it until it’s too late. this time, he was staring at atsumu for too long until atsumu finally said something.

“hey! is there a problem?!” rin was finally snapped out of his trance once he heard someone yelling. it was atsumu stomping his way over to him. “w-what?” atsumu pointed at rin “you! ya keep lookin’ at me funny”

“o-oh sorry” atsumu now stood in front of rin, looking up at him by just a few inches with his hands in his hips. rin blushed at the fact that atsumu was so close. “why do ya always look at me funny?” “uhm because i think your pretty” atsumu removed his hands from his hips

and just stood there “ya what?” rin blushed not believing that he was actually telling atsumu how he felt “i think you’re really pretty and i like you” atsumu didn’t say anything, he didn’t think someone as quiet and closed off could ever like someone who’s loud and bubbly.

“for a while now actually, we’re complete opposites but i think that’s what attracted me to you” rin finally looked at atsumu and gave him a small smile. “so let’s go out on a date” rin’s eyes went wide . “w-what?” atsumu chuckled

“since ya like me so much let’s go out on a date” rin’s face flushed with bright red as he looked at atsumu. “okay can we wrap this up? it’s sickening” atsumu turned to osamu and said something inaudible because rin was to busy hiding his blushed face in his hands.

some fluff for you guys 💁🏽‍♀️

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