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John Doe



I consider it important & service to humanity that I do what I do here. If you realize how the power of social media can influence people's mindsets, especially the younger ones, you'll do something about it. I saw a video from a middle aged woman telling women that they must

be married. Then I checked the comments and what I saw there broke my heart. It was more of insults than people agreeing with her. And the insults were coming from both male and female. I actually don't know if these people believe in what they type but one thing is certain.

These younger generation will make more mistakes than their parents made before they begin to have sense. And when you interview some of these young people, many of them can't even express themselves in plain & coherent terms. And many tell you that they're undergraduates &

some, graduates. Let me tell you. When someone tells you that you should aspire to get married, it's never a bad advise. As a matter of fact, telling anyone that marriage is not an achievement is a bad advise. And these younger ones will rather go for the latter advise.

They want to be free. They don't want any sense of accountability and responsibility. They are not willing to sacrifice like their parents did. They're impatient. The most disappointing of all are some married ones who still come online to deceive young impressionable minds.

Especially married women. You're happy in your marriage and you will see a fellow married woman like you giving the single ones encouragement, and you'll be shaming her? If you're not happy in your marriage, why are you still in it? Every young man and woman must put marriage

as part of their future plans. And they must work towards it. It will not limit you in anyways. Infact, it will help you achieve more in life. And the goal should not just be for you to get married. It should be for you to stay married. That's why these days, less than one

year marriages are packing up. And that's why I take my time to contribute my part towards the society. It's not being boastful. If you practice what I teach as young people in relationships, you're more likely to marry right & experience a long lasting union. I don't like to

sugar coat anything I say because it will be deceitful. And in the end, I would have done more damage than good. Almost all I've been teaching here are consequences consequences and consequences. Don't do A to avoid B. But because it sounds like too much stress to you, you

get discouraged. You shouldn't be. And you shouldn't be looking for the easiest way out either. Pay more attention to those l who you know deep in your conscience, are telling the truth. Do you know how to identify them? You'll not like what they'll be telling you. End.

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