pro-tip: do not do this. Your paper will be wordy and seem less substantial. Here’s a better list of tips that will up your word count:

1. Use more examples. Personal anecdotes, detailed illustrations, examples from references. Put examples wherever some might not clearly understand what/how/why something works.

2. Add primary and secondary sources to further substantiate your claims. Provide evidence like data and other and relevant findings from these sources

3. Add a hook to your introduction. This can be a brief illustration of something interesting related to your topic or even a quick interesting fact (eg ”Many look forward to the Super Bowl, but most do not know that such events are where traffickers scout their next victims”)

4. Use a mixture of examples and evidence per body paragraph. Its also good practice to have evidence in all body paragraphs

5. Explain how your sources reached their findings ❌ X found that black students were more likely to be penalized than white students ✔️ X conducted... to find...and found that black students were given harsher punishments than white students for the same violations

6. Add sources to back up the sources in your paper. This technique works better for secondary sources like news bc news is not always credible

7. Write closing sentences for your body paragraphs. A closing sentence summarizes the paragraph and explicitly explains how the paragraph supports the thesis (just search google for examples)

8. Briefly illustrate a related story (could have happened or might happen in the future) in either your intro or conclusion also helps so your paper isnt as boring.

9. When borrowing ideas based on quantitative data, provide this data and explain it eg. in 2019, 27%of black students that violated rule 12a of the Student Handbook were suspended while only 2% of white students that violated the same rule were suspended, showing that...

10. list all supporting reasons in your thesis statement ❌ ”Trifles” reveals the bias in the justice system against women. ✔️ Through the symbol of the kitchen as a feminine space, the characterization of the policemen, and the setting of the house, “Trifles” reveals the bias...

11. be clear when comparing things! explicitly state thec things u r comparing even if it seems obvious ❌ The use of both yoga and pharmacological intervention was found to better improve symptoms of ADHD ✔️ The use of... than only yoga or pharmacological intervention alone

12. when explaining the importance of something, state some consequences that could/would happen if it isnt included/used eg The ability to delegate tasks is essential for a leader. This leadership trait will help leaders to...Without it, team members are not efficiently used...

13. Provide fitting definitions of key concepts that likely have different definitions depending on field/context. Make sure the definitions you use fit your discussion!!

14. If you're writing a paper on your opinion/s (i.e. position papers, argumentative essays, reflection papers etc), address and refute a counterargument to add a paragraph. eg Some people think that...because.... However, (explanation on why this is wrong or unimportant)

14.1 an outline of the counterargument paragraph if you guys need it: 1. Topic sentence/point (i.e. some people think that..., but...) 2. Objective overview of this counterargument (i.e. reasons) 3. Refutation (incl sources, evidence, etc) 4. Link back to own argument

Important disclaimer about the hook example!!

for papers OVER the maximum word limit:

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