hi, so i'm not a fan of omega x and i don't know them well but i would like to talk about something my mom told me about what happened yesterday at the airport. idk if i can talk about this here but i think it's important to do so #omegax @OmegaX_members @OmegaX_official

(btw sorry if i have any grammar mistakes, english isn't my first language)

my mom was in chile for holidays (we're from argentina) and she was coming back on monday, but the flight got cancelled so she had to stay at the hotel there (where omega x was staying as well)

when she was having breakfast, she saw two boys (members of omega x) that were being yelled at by a woman (who she believes it's the manager or smth like that). she thought that maybe they were celebrities because they had their faces all covered with caps and masks. ++

so then she found out they were from a kpop group called omega x. after that she saw them again in the airport, while waiting for the flight, and the same woman was yelling at them in front of everyone. my mom and her friends couldn't believe it and she told the woman to stop ++

yelling at them. then the woman left and nothing else happened, but she told me the members bowed at her as a thank you.

when i've heard about it i was really stunned and my mom told me she felt really bad for them, they looked also very respectful and kind. i really can't believe how the company doesn't do anything about this and i've also read about the situation with their tour.

actually my mom told me to make a complaint to the company because they cannot be treated like this. i'm not familiar with the group so idk what to do exactly but i wanted to let the fans know about this.

please help spread this so we can stop these situations to happen ever again😭

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