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I’ve listened to more than 500 podcast episodes in the last 2 years. Possibly a bit excessive, but these are the 12 podcasts that have changed my life and helped me grow my business 👇

1. The Tim Ferriss Show @tferris interviews successful people like Hugh Jackman or Neil Gaiman about their tactics, tools, and routines. This has put some ridiculously interesting people on my radar, like @sivers and @mrmoneymustache.

2. Deviate with Rolf Potts @rolfpotts chats with explorers, travel writers and researchers about their adventures. Great for escapism, and always makes me feel like going hiking in the Andes or something.

3. Bookworm A bit of a hidden treasure. These two guys (Joe and Mike) read and discuss a new book every two weeks. I’ve found loads of great stuff that I would have missed otherwise, like Make Time by John Zeratsky (@jazer).

4. Not Overthinking I co-host Not Overthinking with my brother @taimurabdaal. We have an excuse to hang out, chat, and get into some deep topics and in 10 years’ time, we’ll be able to look back and see exactly what our stupid younger selves were thinking.

5. Diary of a CEO @StevenBartlettSC interviews business leaders, celebrities, and authors, to find out what makes them tick. Steven’s great at getting guests to open up, so there are lots of direct and honest conversations.

6. @hubermanlab This is the only health podcast I listen to. Andrew Huberman's a professor at the Stanford School of Medicine. He examines the science around a topic like dopamine, sleep, or skincare for every episode, and gives actionable advice on tweaking your lifestyle.

7. My First Million Started off as @shaanVP and @thesamparr asking business founders how they made their first million dollars. Now, it’s mostly Sam and Shaan analysing other creators and founders who’ve done well, and riffing on new business ideas.

8. The Knowledge Project Interviews hosted by @ShaneAParrish from Farnam Street. Tagline: "mastering the best of what other people have already figured out" Start with the @naval episode, it blew my mind 🤯

9. Indie Hackers Interviews with "indie hackers’ – entrepreneurs who’ve started online businesses from their bedrooms making 1k, 10k, 100k, or even a 1M dollars a month. If my business died, I'd probably binge Indie Hackers, then go code a software product.

10. Noah Kagan Presents @noahkagan’s a marketing expert who interviews CEOs, consultants + investors about success. He worked at FB + Mint before founding AppSumo, so you get loads of insider knowledge + strategies (building an email list, selling products, growing an audience).

11. The Naval Podcast @Naval’s mini-podcast (some episodes are 2 minutes long) where he chats or brain-dumps about wealth creation, philosophy, and happiness. Sometimes he has a high-profile guest on like @VitalikButerin.

12. Smart Passive Income The OG podcast for creators, hosted by my internet friend @patflynn since 2009. Pat talks to business pros, creators + industry experts about making passive income online, and analyses different routes to success in the creator economy.

That’s a wrap – I hope I helped you find some new pods to listen to✌️ If I missed any you love, drop them below.

For even more listening material, check out my podcast 'Deep Dive with Ali Abdaal' where I talk to creators, entrepreneurs and authors about how to live a happier, healthier, more productive life. We’ve just launched Season 4!

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