Before you can become a successful Youtuber, You NEED to set aside 100 minutes a day to learn these skills… πŸ‘‡

βœ… 1. Learn editing & photoshop skills Before you can hire editors and thumbnail designers You need to know how to do these things yourself Plus how can you quality control if you don't even know what "good" is?

βœ… 2. Learn basic YouTube concepts Youtube is 99% skill There's almost no luck involved, if you think there is, then you still have a lot to learn. How to Learn: breakdown successful creator to understand what makes them "good" at Youtube and apply it to ur channel.

βœ… 3. Learn storytelling Youtube content is all about telling a story So you need to understand what makes a good story And how to craft those stories. Here's a thread to help you improve your storytelling:

βœ… 4. Learn human psychology Psychology is extremely important on Youtube Understanding: - Why people click - Getting people to click - Creating super-fans Every successful Youtuber uses psychology to get clicks: πŸ‘‡

βœ… 5. Learn how to talk People want to listen to someone interesting So have a structure/roadmap for your content You need to know; - How to talk - When to talk - What to talk about If you're talking just to talk, viewers will get bored & leave

βœ… 6. Have a business focused mindset It's the difference between 1000 subs and 100k subs Every successful Youtuber has a business focused mindset: - MrBeast - Dream - MrWhoseTheBoss Building an empire takes dedication AND vision.

βœ… 7. Learn to handle the ups & downs YouTube is a wave 🌊 It's normal to have an up month followed by a down month MrBeast's latest video flopped. He's not going to cry about it.. He's going to assess it and learn from his mistakes.

βœ… 8. Learn how to network Big Youtubers are always talking w/ each other It's because you can learn so much comparing knowledge & mistakes - Find 10 other likeminded creators - Create a discord - And learn from each other This is the secret formula for success on Youtube

βœ… 9. Question everything Take all advice with a grain of salt A lot of advice is wrong or old Just because you got a million subs 10 years ago doesn't mean you understand the current Youtube Brainstorm: - How Youtube works - YouTube advice - Look at creators blowing up rn

βœ… 10. Learn organization skills Organization is the key to a successful channel Keep everything somewhere & in the same place Good Resources: - Trello - Notion - Google Drive/Doc This has been game changer for me :)

βœ… 11. Avoid the guru bs Every social media is plagued with "Youtube Gurus" Sure some know their stuff but most are just out for your $$$ Best way to learn: - Successful Creators (Jesser, Leon Hendrix, etc) - Experts like: (@PaddyG96 , @jthomas__ , @theJayAlto)

βœ… 12. Learn basic data analysis if you're trying to get on a whole nother level Take your channel's data and experiment with it Compare: - CTR vs Impression - Group your vids in series - AVD vs Views Test everything! Doing all this will 10x your knowledge in no time πŸš€

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