Spooky month! AtsuSuna- Werewolves NSFW “Rin, I’m not a fucking wolf,” Atsumu panted as his muscles twitched. “Have mercy on a poor human.” Suna always got hornier during the full moon. Eyes brightening, turning an eerie yellow green. Teeth elongating, knot begging to be

stuffed into something hot and tight. After last time, where it almost broke his jaw, Suna was feral about keeping Atsumu’s legs spread. Keeping his cock warm and his boyfriend in different muscle snapping positions. His stamina just making everything worse. Better. Depending

on how many times they had fucked that day. “My pretty baby can’t keep up?” There had to be the entire bottle of lube in his hole by now, Atsumu thought. Everything was slick, and Suna’s cock slid in and out of him easily. A bottle of lube, and load after load of cum. “My mate

doesn’t want my pups?” Atsumu nearly face planted into the pillow, sweat dripped down his face as he sobbed. Suna knew that talking about pupping him always got him hard and leaking. His cock twitched feebly, tummy extended from all their previous rounds of sex. “Rin,”

Atsumu had barely got his name out before he could feel the knot pulling out of him start to swell. His hole felt so tender, stretched to its limits. “Let me try to give you pups one last time,” Rin petted his tail bone before opening him up to see where they were connected.

“Then I’ll lick you out, get you so nice and clean. You’ll clench around my tongue like an obedient bitch.” Atsumu swore as his cock rallied, slipping in the pool of cum already underneath him. “Fine. But I want a bath and the entire Taco Bell menu afterwards,” Atsumu yelped as

teeth dug into his shoulder. “Anything for my mate. For our puppies,” Atsumu could feel him grin into his shoulder. “Be good for me, sweetheart. Stay tight. Can’t let a drop escape, or we will have to start over.” Atsumu was nothing but a puddle, hours later. But his mate

bathed him and helped feed him. As he lethargically chewed on a taco, he thought about how the full moon wasn’t so bad. Suna traced the swell of his belly as he ate. Maybe it was even his favorite night of the month.

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