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I was a AWS customer for 7+ yrs before I joined AWS 3 yrs back as a Solutions Architect. I have learnt more from re:Invent sessions about AWS than most of the internal enablement sessions. 10 must watch re:Invent breakout sessions to know inside out about @awscloud #aws.

List is in the ascending order of re:Invent year, and few of the sessions have repeat sessions in later years. 1. @JrhAtMvDirona talked about "Why cloud is fundamentally different" at re:Invent 2014. AWS Innovation at Scale with James Hamilton:

2. @ebrandwine talked about how VPC was built from ground up at re:Invent 2015. Another Day, Another Billion Packets: I also did a brief thread about this session -

3. @RobBrigham & @clare_liguori talked about DevOps at Amazon - lessons learned, processes adopted, & the tools built to increase both agility and reliability - re:Invent 2015. DevOps at Amazon: A Look at Our Tools and Processes:

4. @JrhAtMvDirona talked about how AWS Region and Global Infrastructure is unique with some of the custom hardware innovations at re:Invent 2016. Amazon Global Network Overview with James Hamilton:

5. @ebrandwine talked about strategic and tactical considerations of how AWS operationalize its own security at re:Invent 2017. The AWS Philosophy of Security:

6. @PeterVosshall talked about how AWS minimizes blast radius of failures at re:Invent 2018. How AWS Minimizes the Blast Radius of Failures: I also did a brief thread about this session -

7. @colmmacc talked about designs that power the most reliable systems at AWS - these patterns & principles are useful in your own designs - re:Invent 2018. Close Loops & Opening Minds: How to Take Control of Systems, Big & Small :

8. @anliguori talked about Nitro System building blocks - backbone of Next-Gen EC2 Instances at re:Invent 2018. Powering Next-Gen EC2 Instances: Deep Dive into the Nitro System -

9. @MarcJBrooker talked about Amazon's approach to building resilient services. You can adopt these design principles to patterns for your own services which handles a changing world - re:Invent 2019. Amazon's approach to building resilient services:

10. Becky Weiss talked about how to get you up to speed on the practical fundamentals to do identity and authorization in AWS at re:Invent 2019. Getting started with AWS identity -

re:Invent is the biggest & most comprehensive event in cloud computing. Don't miss out on this year's re:Invent. Register for in-person at Las Vegas OR Virtual experience at #reinvent2022 #reinvent #aws

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