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Fatui x πŸ’§ , very tiny bit of πŸͺ™πŸ’§ // crossdressing , more Childe + Nilou outfit ___ "So a little birdie told me you had a rather outstanding performance in Sumeru, dear Tartaglia." The Regrator chose to be particularly annoying today it seems. Trailing behind him when he >>

thinks he isn't looking. That stupidly smug smile of his itching itching at Childe's brain in all the wrong ways. He like the way the ninth's eyes glint behind those irritating thin-framed glasses. "I knew our youngest was quite the performer already, but to hear of your >>

theatric exploits from so many corners of Teyvat?" He doesn't like that tone in Pantalone's voice. "To think we've had the perfect living, breathing marketing strategy this whole time." Oh, he REALLY doesn't like where Pantalone's mind is going. ___ >>

He finds out what that stuffy asshole was up to a few days later, when Pantalone hands him a box containing the very same outfit he wore for his Sumeru performance. "You want me to fucking WHAT now?" "Darling, it's just a simple little...." Pantalone strokes his chin in >>

thought. "It's for morale boost if you will!" ".... a morale boost." Childe parrots back, his lack of amusement written all over his face. "Haven't you noticed our troops are a bit too... high-strung? Or are you too busy galavanting into the wild, wrestling >>

with archons-knows-what to even notice?" It's not like Childe hates the idea of dancing or dressing up again..... he enjoys performing at various theaters when he has free time..... but in front of their foot soldiers? What the hell makes Pantalone think this would be a >>

good idea? It would be humiliating! His image as a harbinger would be ruined amongst them! "Quite the contrary, my dear!" Every time Pantalone opens his fucking mouth, he wants to deck him on the bridge of his glasses. >>

"Now now little Tartaglia, who's the ace in business here?" Pantalone chides. The eleventh grumbles, crossing his arms. "That's what I thought. Trust me, sweetheart, if my intuition is correct, and it always is," it takes all of Childe's strength to not summon his >>

water blades. "This plan is going to work." ___ And that's how Tartaglia, the eleventh of the Fatui Harbingers ends up dressing in beautiful Sumeru dancer's garb, on an ornate stage later that week. Pantalone really seems to have outdone himself in organizing this >>

odd .... pep rally of sorts...... The audience count was exceptionally high (no doubt because no one dared to ignore a summon from a harbinger). Childe only got a small glimpse from where he was hiding behind the velvet stage curtains, but it was enough to see the vast >>

amount of soldiers piling into the area. The ninth was currently onstage himself, giving the crowd a brief introductory as well as some rather boring statistics that Childe almost found himself falling asleep to. ".... But it is not only I who wishes to thank everyone for >>

their outstanding performances," Oh shit, that was his cue. Childe tugs nervously at the hem of his skirt, using his other hand to adjust his veil. "For it is Lord Tartaglia who also wishes to give everyone a few words of encouragement." The crowd whispers amongst >>

themselves, looking far more intrigued as to what their youngest had to say. What could the eleventh possibly have to say? Anyone that knew the boy knew that he was more obsessed with fighting and honing his skills. He was rarely one to ever lead these admittedly boring >>

routine meetings. The ninth's gaze subtly met Childe's from where he was standing and sent an infuriating, sly little wink. This goddamn asshole.... His hiding space was taken from him as the curtains drew back. The eleventh scrambled to get into place, almost messing up >>

his carefully placed headdress. Relax, he kept telling himself. You're a harbinger, these guys are your underlings! There is nothing to be nervous about. Except for maybe the embarrassment of a lifetime within his service to the Fatui..... He could always threaten them into >>

silence afterward though. He clenched his fists as he stepped forward to the center of the stage. He pretended that he WASN'T currently wearing a revealing dancer outfit. Just pretend this is any other boring ass meeting, he told himself as the spotlight shone in his face. >>

Let's get this shitshow over with. "As you heard from Pantalone, I would also like to personally tell everyone that this has been an excellent month." He begins reciting that stupid script the Regrator had forced him to memorize. A lot of fluff and flattery, blah blah blah. >>

But he was a fantastic theater performer and he would not break character. "Comrades! Bear witness as I offer gratitude.... in the form of dance." What the hell was Pantalone on when he wrote this script? Whatever. Time for the main event. Childe had been so engrossed, >>

however, he hardly noticed the audience's reaction to his appearance on stage. The crowd was absolutely motionless. Many were too shocked to even speak or whisper to one another. Lord Tartaglia, among one of the fairest of the harbingers, was dressed in such.....

enticingly provocative attire. It was hard for one's eyes not to be drawn to either the eleventh's exposed slender waist or his beautifully toned long legs. The minds of most began to wander to particularly naughty places.... The eleventh began swaying his hips as the music >>

began to start. It was a similar routine to the one he had danced back in Sumeru with Miss Nilou, only adjusted so it was a solo act. The flow of rhythm began to naturally rock his body into familiarity. His movements became smooth like a gentle current. All of his nerves >>

began to wash away as if he were walking through a refreshing waterfall. Childe allowed himself to become lost in thought as his body began to move by itself. The crowd of Fatui was captivated. Hypnotized. Utterly infatuated as the youngest harbinger twirled across the >>

stage. The raw passion and love exuded from Tartaglia as he stepped and spun. His skirt billowed around his waist, teasing the audience with more deliciously milky skin. Several men did not shy away this time from showing their approval in the form of wolf whistles and >>

catcalls. But it seems Lord Tartaglia was in a world of his own. Like his performance in Sumeru, he began to allow harmless waves of his hydro power to spill from his fingertips. The droplets glittered along with his golden adornments as he raised his arms languidly, before >>

reaching outwards to the crowd. Waves of hydro began to encircle his feet, allowing his legs to kick up water with his every step. He centered his concentration while continuing to move as fluidly as the ocean, before summoning fish-shaped hydro constructs to float >>

around the air. The crowd was enamored as little hydro fish began to float around them, swimming effortlessly through the vast variety of bodies, shying away if someone tried to touch them. All eyes never left Tartaglia as he flourished under the spotlight. It felt almost >>

as if they were witnessing a side of their Lord that they were never meant to see. It was far too intimate. But they were already drunk on Tartaglia's bewitching performance. He began the finale segment. Like previously, he began to focus harder. His hydro whale sang from >>

behind him, as it breached above. It splashed over the stunned crowd harmlessly, but it left no traces of water on the soldiers as it dove down into the crowd. Childe struck his finishing pose, sweat rolling down his temples. His breathing was erratic despite feeling quite >>

energized. Suddenly, he was drawn back to the reality that he had been dancing in front of Fatui soldiers. He glanced apprehensively at the sea of eyes on him. The silence was nerve-wracking, but it did not last long before an eruption of claps and cheers assaulted his ears. >>

The audience reaction was even more boisterous than the crowd in Sumeru. Shouts of men and women alike began to flood the crowded performance hall. "Glory to Lord Tartaglia" various sections of the theater began to chant. Childe stood there like a deer in a ruin guard's >>

eyesight. He never would have believed Pantalone's stupid plan would have actually worked! "A-ah... Ahem. Thank you, comrades!" He fumbled as he remembered the rest of Pantalone's shitty script. "Continue your admirable services! Your actions will not go unseen! For Snezhnaya, >>

for the Tsaritsa!" The audience shouted louder in approval as Childe finished his closing statements. The cheering finally began to simmer as Childe left the stage, allowing the Regrator to wrap everything up. "Well done, my dear," Pantalone whispers in his ears as they pass >>

by each other. The older man pulled him in ever so slightly. Ugh, this guy... Childe drones out most of what Pantalone says from where he's resting behind the stage. But one passing statement catches his attention.... "Continue this astounding progress and maybe we'll see >>

Lord Tartaglia again," Pantalone's tone is taunting, enticing, baiting the audience. Applause begins to grow once more just as they were beginning to settle down. Oh, there's no way in hell Pantalone is suggesting this be a regular thing… ____

// slight πŸ”ž , Childe having a 🌸 Lmao, Fatui men left and right could never look at Childe the same way ever again and began to fantasize about him at night. Dreams of the youngest harbinger dancing before them privately. >>

Nightly desires of feeling Lord Tartaglia's plush ass in their lap over their hardened cocks. Dreams of sweet little Tartaglia splayed out under them in his silk dancer outfit, as they suck on his pussy folds from under his skirt.

I forgot to mention that this is a little bit of a pt. 2 to this

More Childe in the Nilou outfit also lol bc i have an obsession

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