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I’ve bought 75+ small boring businesses over the last 10 years. But scaling your revenue from 6 figures to 10 figures isn't easy... Here are 10 tools you can't live without:

1. NiceJob Reviews are your SB's #1 form of marketing. Automate it with this.

2. MemberPress If you use WordPress, add the MemberPress plugin for recurring subs.

3. 99designs You can do a full branding level-up here for a couple hundred bucks.

4. Active Campaign Set up automations attached to a built-in CRM so marketing isn't a 24/7 concern.

5. ConvertKit If your SB doesn't have an email list, build it with this.

6. Beacon Use this lead magnet manager to convert web traffic into revenue.

7. Tweet Hunter Depending on the biz, expanding Twitter reach can mean dollar signs.

8. Upwork The freelance economy booms in recessions. Take advantage of that.

9. Support Shepherd Leverage the power of USD and save by hiring overseas employees here.

10. Trainual From new hires to new policies, this gets everyone on the same page.

Did I miss any major tools that changed the game for your SB acquisition? Drop 'em below and for more on boring businesses... follow me @Codie_Sanchez. And be sure to RT the first Tweet so other small biz buyers can find these!

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