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31 maxims that make men winners:

1. Putting your purpose first.

2. Getting your life in order before you start dating.

3. Prioritizing your finances above your social life.

4. Prioritizing your physical health.

5. Prioritizing sleep.

6. Avoiding porn and masturbation.

7. Avoiding negative, unmotivated people.

8. Learning everyday.

9. Choosing the right skill to make you money.

10. Outworking everyone else.

11. Wasting no time on unproductive activities.

12. Never arguing with women. (instead, you need to understand why they’re mad)

13. Never losing your center with women or people.

14. Paying attention to how the world and economy around you works.

15. Saying “no” more often.

16. Learning to control your emotions.

17. Saying “yes” to the work you really don’t feel like doing.

18. Acting in spite of other people’s opinion of you.

19. Taking risks consistently.

20. Doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

21. Stopping when the job is finished.

22. Having strong, healthy values.

23. Having enough ego to be selfish.

24. Having enough humility to take criticism.

25. Being a strong decision-maker.

26. Sticking to decisions you make.

27. Understanding long-term and short-term pleasure.

28. Avoiding weed.

29. Avoiding partying.

30. Being persistent.

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