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cw// incest, miyacest + sleepover the twins invited the team to their house for a sleepover because their parents were going to be away for the weekend. it was suna, gingima, akagi, aran, kita, and omimi. they spent the first few hours talking, eating and watching movies

but when they got bored , rin had the idea to play truth or dare. so they gathered around in a circle on the living room floor and began asking each other "truth or dare" rin: atsumu, truth or dare? atsumu: truth rin: are you and osamu keeping anything from us? the twins

were shocked at the question at first, then scared. because they were, they were dating. and not only that, they were also fucking. atsumu: uhm no? why would we do that? atsumu tried to make it sound as believable as possible, osamu looked calm as usual but he

was pretty worried atsumu would slip up and say something, so he had to intervene. osamu: you guys know everything about us so why would we keep something from ya? rin still had a gut feeling that something was going on, but he didn't want to say anything because then it

would make everything awkward. ~ as the night went one, the team decided to go to bed. a few hours later, everyone was asleep. the twins decided to sleep in their parents room while the others took their room and the spare bedroom they had. "tsumu" atsumu was woken up by his

brother shaking him "wh-what?" osamu was wide awake and hungry "come with me to the kitchen" it was a awkward silence that was broken by atsumus obvious question "do ya think he knows?" osamu glanced at him, worried for sure "i mean, how could he? we hide it good enough"

atsumu was still unsure but decided to trust osamu because he was right, they hide it very well. "i guess yer right..." osamu looked at atsumu and kissed him. "we're gonna be fine, they don't suspect a thing, it was just a stupid game" atsumu wrapped his arms around osamu's

neck and felt more at ease, "yer right" and kissed him again. suna saw the whole thing.

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