// omegaverse, mpreg, nsfw, fluffy smut, A!Atsumu, O!Kiyoomi Kiyoomi is 12 weeks pregnant with their first pup when Atsumu turns 30. It’s a remarkably calm affair, especially considering how wild previous birthday celebrations have gone (28 was actually a testament to the truly

catastrophic levels of infatuation Kiyoomi has always had for this man, considering he volunteered to join a wet t-shirt contest, In Public, in front of So Many of their acquaintances, all because he wanted Atsumu’s attention. He’s managed to destroy 99% of the evidence.)

They start the day with lazy morning sex, Kiyoomi still comfortable enough to climb on top and sink onto Atsumu’s cock. He litters the birthday boy with endless kisses, trailing them everywhere his lips can reach without having to sacrifice the feeling of delicious fullness.

As Kiyoomi grinds their hips together, pace languid and unhurried, Atsumu’s hands remain steady. His grip is firm but gentle where he holds Kiyoomi’s waist. They’re still wild with lust and hunger for one another, but Kiyoomi’s still getting used to this —

this constant undercurrent of caution, a fierce protectiveness from his alpha that’s different from anything they’ve shared before. Atsumu’s always spoiled him, always made him feel cherished and adored, has always celebrated the very things Kiyoomi used to feel insecure over:

his height, his muscles, his callous nature and sharp tongue. Certainly, Kiyoomi grew into all of these traits and has come to value all of the things make him who he is — but he’d be lying if he said he didn’t feel some anxiety over how these characteristics may affect

his ability to be a good parent. But each and every time he’s doubted himself, Atsumu has taken him in his arms, has brought Kiyoomi’s hand to his lips and kissed it reverently, has brushed the same soft kisses along Kiyoomi’s forehead, and reassured the omega

of just how perfect he is and how lucky their pup is to have such a wonderful and devoted mother. “Are ya kiddin’ me,” Atsumu had responded when Kiyoomi’d started crying over how unfit he felt to carry their child. “There ain’t anybody who takes care of themselves better than

you do, Omi Omi.” He’d cupped the omega’s cheek and brushed away the heavy tears falling down his face. “Ya’ve spent yer whole life giving yer body the attention and care it needs to thrive. I can’t think of a better space for our baby to grow from a lil bean into a lil pumpkin,

safe and snug as a bug in a rug.” Kiyoomi had seen and known firsthand the many ways that Atsumu had proven himself to be an exceptional alpha, an excellent and thoughtful and attentive leader and partner. But this new chapter of their lives has brought out an entirely

special side of Atsumu, and Kiyoomi can’t help the way his heart balloons and flip flops inside his chest every time Atsumu is extra soft and extra careful. He doesn’t treat Kiyoomi like he’s made of glass. Rather, it’s as though he is truly, constantly aware of how precious

Kiyoomi is, how incredible it is to know that their love made a new little life that’s growing inside of him. It’s a whole new level of vulnerability for both of them and Kiyoomi feels himself falling in love, over and over and harder and harder every single day.

And best of all is the certainty he feels that Atsumu is experiencing the same sort of adoration for him — sure, as the mother of their pup, but also just for who he is, as himself. As Sakusa Kiyoomi, even with a ring around his finger that marks him a Miya.

It makes this honey-sweet lovemaking all the more fulfilling, with pheromones that repaint the usual smell of sweat and sex as something delicate, even when Atsumu finally plants his feet firmly on the mattress and starts thrusting into Kiyoomi in earnest.

Kiyoomi drapes himself over the blond, wraps his arms under Atsumu’s neck as they kiss and fuck, hot and wet and messy, moans reverberating between their mouths as Atsumu takes over bringing them both to the edge and past it.

They come together, with Atsumu growling out a declaration of his love against his partner’s lips as he spills inside of him. Kiyoomi preens. He doesn’t think he or his omega will ever, EVER tire of how satisfying it is to feel the alpha finally release inside him,

feel him perfectly nestled inside him, two parts of a whole that belongs together. The comedown is featherlight and cozy. Atsumu runs his fingers along Kiyoomi’s back, spelling devotion everywhere he manages to touch the omega. Kiyoomi kisses him and kisses him and kisses him.

When they finally part for air, he thinks Atsumu’s eyes might hold all the answers to the secrets of the universe with how endless and breathtaking they are. “I’m so glad you get to be my children’s father,” he whispers. Amber eyes widen and Kiyoomi feels the breath that

gets caught in Atsumu’s bare chest. “Our baby and I are so lucky, Atsumu,” Kiyoomi says before he hides his face in the crook of Atsumu’s neck. The position makes it a little easier to pretend he doesn’t hear the sniffles or feel any tears falling into his hair.

The rest of the day is spent with loved ones, brunch and tea and dinner and dessert with so many of the people who make them feel known and seen and cared for. Atsumu gets well over a dozen presents from his friends and family that day—

but nothing comes even close to the gift of Kiyoomi’s faith and trust in him to be a good dad. // end Happy Birthday, Miya Atsumu. 🎊♥️ You are loved.

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