#sakuatsu nsfw | thigh riding | feminization #hqomegaverseweek2022 @HQomegaverse Day 06: Breeding  Atsumu sighed in content, settling into his alpha’s lap. Resting his head against Sakusa’s chest, the omega listened intently to the steady thumps of his alpha’s heartbeat,

purring softly when lean, dexterous fingers found themselves carding through his hair gently.  “Feels good, Omi,” Atsumu mumbled. Sakusa hummed in response, nudging his nose into his scent glands before pressing a soft kiss at the back of his nape.

Watching a Netflix documentary with Sakusa on their day off was probably one of the favourite things Atsumu loved doing with his husband. Aside from dates at the cafe down the block they frequented, making out in the last shower stall of the MSBY lockers after a long,

hard-won match and simply being in the comfort of the apartment they shared, the list went on. There were all too many things Atsumu loved doing with Sakusa. Instances where he found himself pinned under a broad muscular chest, completely spent, the punishing snap of hips

drawing the sweetest cries from him; a strong grip on his hips and his alpha’s thick girth knotting him- breeding him being the only things keeping his legs apart. Atsumu loved those instances and blushed at the thought.

Gaze flicking from the television screen to his husband's handsome, striking features, Atsumu took in the sight of Sakusa’s strong jaw, cheekbones seemingly sculptured by the hands of God and the soft, dark curly locks of hair framing his face.

Atsumu sighed softly in admiration, preening when the alpha shifted his attention from the documentary to return him a soft look filled with wonder, pride and endearment. Plush lips left yet another gentle peck right beneath his undercut. How had he gotten so lucky?

If someone told Miya Atsumu that he was going to be bonded to Sakusa Kiyoomi, back when he was 16 and had just presented as an omega, Atsumu would have sneered and laughed it off. A grumpy germaphobe being his life partner?

At 27, bearing the life-long bond mark of his MSBY teammate whom he shared common goals, dreams and aspirations with, the omega could not be more thankful for being blessed with an alpha who accepted his flaws and loved him for who he was.

Even if his alpha came in the form of a tall, strong, attractive man with freaky wrists (that did absolutely mind-blowing things, leaving him breathless more so often than not, mind you) and a prickly, sea urchin-like personality, Atsumu still loved his alpha.

His alpha, who was always quick to provide snide, sarcastic and snarky remarks during matches, games and on a daily basis, but was equally quick to shower him with praise, love and absolute devotion, both on and off court.

His alpha, who smelled like a mix of bergamot, chai and sandalwood. His alpha, strong, protective and ever loving.  His alpha, Sakusa Kiyoomi.

Atsumu inhaled the bewitching scent of his alpha. It was an intoxicating blend that left him blanketed in warmth, comfort and rendered him delirious during his heats. In a setting where he was just curled up on Sakusa’s lap, enjoying their time off together as a bonded pair,

Sakusa smelt like safety, comfort and above all, home. Shifting forward slightly in Sakusa’s lap to get comfortable, Atsumu froze when the friction against his alpha’s strong, sturdy thighs stirred something akin to the beginnings of heat in his gut.

He rubbed his palms against his thighs idly to quell the heat.  Lifting his hips to adjust himself, his lips parted in a shaky exhale when he grinded down on the hard muscle instead, clad in a pair of sweatpants. Atsumu’s cheeks seared hot.

Now that they were in their late 20s and had achieved their biggest goal of being gold medalists at the Olympics, Sakusa and Atsumu had been talking about starting a family. It sent heat in Atsumu's belly thinking of being knotted and bred with Sakusa's pups.

Attempting to shift his focus back to the documentary they were watching, he fought the growing desire pooling at his insides to grind down and find a way to ease the building itch prickling under his fingertips.

“What's wrong, love?” Sakusa leaned in, voice quiet and soft, pressing a chaste kiss near his jaw, “Is the documentary boring? We can watch something else that you like.”  Atsumu shuddered at his alpha’s voice- naturally low and husky, +

“Mhmm, ‘s fine Omi. I just got caught up in my thoughts.”  Sakusa hummed, wrapping his strong arms around Atsumu’s waist, lifting him such that the omega was seated directly on top of his left thigh. Atsumu swallowed a whine at the contact and the display of Sakusa's strength.

It drove him absolutely wild at times, knowing that his husband could easily lift him, fling him about like a ragdoll, maybe go as far as to catapult him off the face of earth but God forbid- his weight of 80.4kg held nothing against Sakusa's hip thrusts of 140kg.

The knowledge of having such a strong alpha made the omega in Atsumu keen. He knew that their pups would take after them, growing up strong. God- Atsumu wanted to be bred. Legs quivering from the strain of resisting the urge to grind his hips down onto Sakusa’s thigh,

what was supposed to be lap sitting and cuddling, morphed into something else entirely when the alpha started bouncing his leg as the documentary continued to play, oblivious to Atsumu’s growing problem.  It was unnoticeable initially, really-

until Atsumu found himself rock hard, cock twitching in his shorts, unable to resist the urge to grind down. Face heating up steadily as Sakusa continued his ministrations without so much of a blink of an eye, Atsumu felt his face burning hot,

when slick ran down the back of his inner thighs.  “O-Omi," Atsumu whimpered, voice coming out in a long, drawn out whine.  A dull ache throbbed fervently in his veins.

As did a growing desire for his husband to shove him down the closest surface and take him apart, and breed him, settle in his bones- or the boner he was currently sporting. Atsumu whimpered. Low sparks of embers ignited in the pits of his core.

Rocking his hips in tandem to meet Sakusa's bouncing knee, Sakusa's nostrils flared when he realized what Atsumu was up to. How his omega was all wound up, turned on, and dripping.

Lips curling into a devious smirk, Sakusa added pressure, bouncing the omega on his thigh, all the while rubbing the small of Atsumu's back with calloused hands from years of volleyball. The omega squirmed at his alpha's touch.

His body burned hot and he wanted nothing more than to put out the flames scorching his insides. Hips humping down to meet Sakusa’s thigh to find some form of respite to douse the throbbing ache now consuming his entirety,

Atsumu was reeled back momentarily by a sense of mortification. There was a growing stain on Sakusa’s grey sweatpants. One he was leaving behind. He was making a mess. A wave of abashment blanketed Atsumu. He stilled.

Now it wasn't like Sakusa and him hadn't rutted against one another over their clothes like hormonal teens back when they'd met each other again on the MSBY courts. But something about growing older, made something as simple as this, kind of embarrassing.

Sakusa was quick to notice how his husband went perfectly still. He almost cooed at how endearing he was. While Atsumu was brash, proud and seemingly cocky on the court, he was also incredibly considerate and selfless, never afraid of putting someone's needs before his very own.

Off the court and out of public scrutiny, the omega had his own share of insecurities, doubts, was an over-thinker and easily reduced into a blushing mess and bundle of nerves. Over the years, Sakusa had seen it all, and he loved every bit of it. He adored Atsumu.

Even now, Atsumu was probably overthinking the pool of slick he'd left behind on a pair of sweatpants that could be easily replaced anytime. What was irreplaceable on the other hand, was this beautiful omega before Sakusa-

dripping wet, smelling like a mix of cinnamon and peaches, hot and wanting. His omega. His mate. His husband. Sakusa huffed, feeling a rush of fondness and arousal filling his chest.

Eyes darkening, he brought his hands to the sides of Atsumu’s hips and cooed, “Look at you, baby, all worked up for me. Making a mess. You’re so good for me, love. So beautiful. Pretty.”  Atsumu’s hips stuttered, face burning hot at the praise.

Twisting his torso to wrap his arms around Sakusa’s neck, his whimpers died in his throat when Sakusa merely tightened his grip, encouraging him to grind down. Atsumu groaned, bringing his hips down to grind against Sakusa’s thigh, feeling it flex under the stained cotton.

Pressing his nose against the scent glands near his alpha’s throat, Atsumu inhaled the scent of bergamot, chai and sandalwood hungrily.  “P-please Omi, I can't,” Atsumu cried, hands reaching down to grab onto Sakusa’s left thigh,

nails digging into the soft material of Sakusa’s sweatpants. Sakusa raised an eyebrow. Relaxing his grip, he watched the omega's hips rock against his thigh desperately once, twice, before giving in.

Slumping into Sakusa’s chest, Atsumu groaned. The friction wasn't enough to give him the release he was looking for, and the itch to be filled. Knotted. Bred. It was burning him alive. And Sakusa knew it more than anyone.

“No, no, doll,” Sakusa murmured lovingly, thumbing his husband's hips, “Finish what you started.”  Atsumu tensed, whining in protest, grinding down into Sakusa's thigh, “Omi, please, need you.”

Sakusa hummed in response, gazing at his omega with a tender look of endearment and mirth, “I'm right here, love. Take what you need.”  Bouncing his knee, Sakusa watched his omega choke on a broken cry at the friction, hips rocking, grinding down in shameless abandon.

Chasing after a release that was so near, yet so far. Knowing it wouldn't be enough to quell the fire raging inside. Atsumu’s eyes watered. “Oh doll, you’re making such a mess. You're soaked,” Sakusa sighed, voice taking on a leer.

Lowering his hands to grip Atsumu’s firm thighs that merely parted instinctively for him, he continued, "Always so good for me, Atsu." Atsumu let out a shaky sob, hips faltering, “C-can't cum, Omi, want you. W-want you inside, alpha.”  Sakusa’s chest rumbled.

There was something innately carnal stirring in his chest. Pulling his omega’s body close, he gingerly turned the blonde, such that they were facing one another and comfortable. Atsumu reached out to coil his arms around Sakusa’s neck, whining when the alpha-

pressed a heated kiss on his lips, swallowing every broken cry and plea of desperation. Shifting, Atsumu found himself grinding down on the hard outline of Sakusa’s cock, shivering when his alpha growled in approval.  Atsumu pulled away, lips parting, "Omi, alpha, please-"

“Shh, I'll take care of you, love,” Sakusa murmured sweetly, stroking his omega’s cheek, lips curling into a fond smile when his mate bobbed his head quickly, long eyelashes wet with unshed tears.  Bundling Atsumu carefully, Sakusa carried him into their shared bedroom. +

* Gingerly laid on the bed stark naked as the day he was born, Atsumu’s knees buckled under the overpowering scent wafting through the air. It was thick, heavy- near smothering.

Atsumu welcomed it and took a hungry drag, inhaling the scent of his alpha’s pheromones like a lifeline. The perfect blend of bergamot, chai and sandalwood, it was a scent he'd come to be more than acquainted with, helping him through many heats, with more to come.

Like an aphrodisiac, it drove Atsumu's thoughts into a cloudy haze.  Whimpering at the fresh pool of slick gathering under the sheets at his husband's scent alone, Atsumu knew he was making an awful mess. Yet, Sakusa's eyes only seemed to gleam brighter, almost ravenously.

“Omi… a-alpha,” Atsumu bucked his hips, purring when his husband reached out to stroke his hair. Leaning into the contact instinctively, his moan shifted into a drawn out cry when Sakusa’s grip tightened into one that left him delirious, eager to comply and present himself.

“Oh Atsu, look at you," Sakusa murmured in rave affection.  Releasing his grip to run his hands across Atsumu's tan skin, smooth and unblemished, save for the deep mating bite that had marred his nape, that was all due to change with the marks he was going to leave behind.

Sakusa's palms smoothed out, resting on his omega's thighs. Squeezing on the corded muscles, his lips curled into a smirk when his omega bucked his hips needily. A sense of gratification gnawed at his insides.

Knowing how he was the only one capable of stripping Atsumu bare, getting him on his knees, prying his cheeks apart to admire the wet rim of his entrance, until the sweet cries of pleas and implorations for a knot and to be bred, escaped parted lips.

"Please, Omi," Atsumu gasp turned into a moan when Sakusa's hands trailed down low, and lower until it brushed against the quivering bud between his cheeks, drenched in slick, “Alpha.” “I've got you, love,” Sakusa growled, tugging his cock out of his sweatpants, +

"Gonna knot you and breed you with a pup, Atsu." Atsumu keened, parting his legs wider to welcome his alpha. In the midst of the blurry haze, he found some clarity in Sakusa's words. Smirking, he nudged his husband's cock with his foot.  "Only a pup? You do mean pups, right?"

Sakusa growled, effectively shutting his omega up by driving his cock into the hot, slick channel that clamped down on him instantly.  "I'll give you pups, if that's what you want, love. Everything. I'll give you my everything, sweetheart."

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