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When designing game characters, be sure to consider the distance, angle and direction you will be interacting with them the most.

Consider how big they are on screen most of the time, and use this size to ensure the strongest design features "read". A bug mistake third person games make is just designing their hero from the front. For the majority of the game, you are looking at their back.

It is generally a good idea to ensure that you focus your attention mainly where players will be looking. Likewise, all those cool monster and armour variants mean nothing if you can't tell them apart far enough away to make meaningful gameplay decisions.

*big not bug.

When you work, make a habit of zooming out to check the "read". Squint at your work to see primary and secondary features. Force yourself to always think about the game distance first and foremost before you get lost in the fine details.

Remember, not everyone has a big monitor. Switch titles have to work on small screens and large ones. Some monitors are shitty, some have their color settings screwed up... so work assuming the overall, larger forms and main accent details are solid and readable.

Sooooo many games have characters and monsters that focus on lots of little details for up close and neglect the main impression at game distances.

There is a sexy trick I came up with a while back for making boring character backs in third person games seriously cool... buuut I am going to cover that in my patreon and book. ;)

For now, just be sure to give concept artists renders of your game at the distance and angle the characters are viewed at, to help with their templates.

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