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#Thread Supreme Court's observations on "Merit" and "Reservation" from the judgment upholding OBC Quota in NEET-AIQ "Merit cannot be reduced to narrow definitions of performance in an open competitive examination which only provides formal equality of opportunity"

"Competitive examinations assess basic current competency to allocate educational resources but are not reflective of excellence, capabilities and potential of an individual which are also shaped by lived experiences, subsequent training and individual character" - SC

"Crucially, open competitive examinations do not reflect the social, economic and cultural advantage that accrues to certain classes and contributes to their success in such examinations" - #SupremeCourt in #NEETAIQ case

"High scores in an examination are not a proxy for merit. Merit should be socially contextualized and reconceptualized as an instrument that advances social goods like equality that we as a society value" - #SupremeCourt in #NEETAIQ case.

"In such a context, reservation is not at odds with merit but furthers its distributive consequences"-#SupremeCourt in #NEETAIQ case.;

"The rhetoric surrounding merit obscures the way in which family, schooling, fortune & a gift of talents that the society currently values aids in oneโ€˜s advancement. Thus, the exclusionary standard of merit serves to denigrate the dignity of those who face barriers" -SC

The idea of merit based on โ€•scores in an exam requires a deeper scrutiny. While examinations are a necessary and convenient method of distributing educational opportunities, marks may not always be the best gauge of individual merit - Supreme Court

The way we understand merit should not be limited to individual agency or ability (which in any event is not solely of our own doing) but it should be envisioned as a social good that advances equality because that is the value that our Constitution espouses - Supreme Court.

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