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"The racial question overshadows all other problems of history, it holds the key to them all, and the inequality of the races from whose fusion a people is formed is enough to explain the whole course of its destiny."

"Everything great, noble and fruitful in the works of man on this earth, in science, art, and civilization, derives from a single starting-point, is the development of a single germ and the result of a single thought; it belongs to one family alone."

"The first chapters of the Bible, that deep well of truth, whose riches we can only begin to appreciate when we go down into it with a fully enlightened mind." "If you say that all societies perish because they are sinful, I will agree with you."

Of course, when Gobineau says that societies perish because they are sinful, he means a very specific collective sin, and not accumulation of individual vices. Things like brutality, fanaticism, love of luxury or effeminacy do not cause the fall of states.

According to Gobineau, biologically strong societies (and strong means pure and coherent) can produce "strong, brave and active spirits, men of strong character, men of talent and energy" even in "times of decadence, terrible conflict and perversity"

Gobineau summarizes the first part of his argument saying that while diseases like "bad government, fanaticism and irreligion" are "mere unmeaning incidents" - the "principle of destruction" lays somewhere else, in a "hidden and terrible plague". But what exactly would that be?

"Degeneration was the answer. Nations die when they are composed of elements that have degenerated."

Gobineau gets to define "degeneration" of a nation as "losing the intrinsic value it had before". A degenerated nation "has no longer the same bIood in its veins" as its "founders and heroes of the great ages". Madison-Americans and Lizzo-Americans share nothing but the name.

Gobineau is, of course, blackpilled to the bone. The first blackpill is that all civilizations include the seeds of their demise, as they are born out of conquest. Conquered races become castes, then classes, eventually are mixed with conquerors, and the founding race vanishes.

The founding nation starts changing with its first conquest, and keeps changing with every new one.

Eventually, the nation is transformed, nothing of the founding stock remains. "People go on living after the generating force of its life and glory has ceased to exist". But these are just shadows, institutions that forgotten their spirit. "The pale ghost walks". Until it doesn't

Gobineau gets to explain differences between different peoples. "Every people, great or small, has begun by making inequality its chief political motto."

For Gobineau, environmental factors like climate or resources mean nothing. For example, a "learned professor of Berlin" thrives in the same land that once had to suffer "the wretched existence of the Finnish savage"

Another example of a race that can succeed in an unwelcoming environment are the "free, strong and intelligent" Jews, a race that had "given as many learned men to the world as it had merchants"

If the wretched Finns and intelligent Jews don't convince you, Gobineau gives some more examples of civilization blooming in harsh conditions

Gobineau goes on to talk about Christianity. His main point is that Christianity, although it is "strikingly superior to other religions" & "a great aid to society", it's not a civilizing factor, because it's a universal doctrine of renunciation with no interest in material world

Gobineau condemns evil racists who'd like to compare some primitive societies to animals. Even the "most humble members of human family", as he tacitly calls them, can learn by imitation, but don't have the faculties needed to create civilizations.

An interesting part of Gobineau's thought is the distinction between masculine (materialistic) and feminine (spiritual) civilizations. Examples of masculine races are Romans, North Europeans and the Chinese. Feminine civilizations are Greeks, South Europeans and Hindus.

Gobineau doesn't put masculine over feminine civilizations. Both of them simply excel at other things, but they both share the same 4 characteristics: - Stability - Co-operation - Sociability - Hatred of violence

Gobineau notes something interesting and rather unique about European civilization - only the high classes are civilized. Lower classes like the poor are not. Poor, stupid and ugly people see themselves as a different race from the rich, smart and beautiful, whom they hate.

Gobineau does not believe that all people are equal in beauty. But who could be "the most ugly, degraded and repulsive specimen", and who is "more beautiful than the rest of mankind, which is, I confess, a pestilent congregation of ugliness"?

Gobineau is very modern in his evaluation of Scientific measurements; he rejects many early systems of physiognomy in favor of cranial capacity

Gobineau is also much more Reasonable than many modern "Christians" - like his contemporaries, he takes for granted that "Adam is the ancestor of the White race", that the Bible is the history of White people, and is not concerned with other races

Great Gobineauan gem, and a superb achievement of Race Science: "The Cherokees seem almost identical to many of the Italian peoples, such as the Calabrians"

Gobineau weighs in on, as it is called in Anthropology, "the Cunny Question". Like most things, the "best age of love" is determined by race - in some cases, it can even be as unusually high as 18 yะตะฐrs oId!

"The Finns have always been weak, unintelligent and oppressed". When it comes to different types of Asians, Hungarians are much better!

As you might have noticed, Gobineau is not a big fan of the Finns, but he likes some other Asians. He likes Hindus the most, but also mentions "beautiful Turkish girls" and Kirghiz concubines

But where do all of these nations and races come from? For Gobineau, all existing ethnicities are mixes of three main types (White, Black, Yellow), who all had a common ancestor, the "Adamite man", who lived so long ago that Gobineau refuses to speculate on his characteristics

Gobineau specifies who is who: White - Caucasians & Semites Yellow - Altaic, Mongol, Finnish & Tatar branches Black - everyone who is black These 3 main secondary races (remember, Adamites were the primary race) intermix and create tertiary races, quaternary races and so on

In tertiary races, different qualities can still be "more or less in harmony", but as it goes on, qualities weaken, irregularities on individual level become more common, and on civilizational level confusion becomes the norm.

Important to note that for Gobineau, even in 19th century most Europeans were already mongrels - especially in the lower classes of the so-called White people, you could find traces of all shapes and forms

Gobineau believes in objective beauty & claims that "the peoples who are not of white blood approach beauty but do not attain" However he's quite liberal as he says that Persian, Jewish or Arab girls get a pass and mulatto girls are better than hapas like Russians or Hungarians

For Gobineau, constant degeneration of civilizations makes real Progress impossible. We're not superior to Ancient Greece, Rome or Vedic India. Even politically, we're the same, as Gobineau finds "moderate Tories" and socialists in Ancient Rome

Progress doesn't exist, all civilizations have to deal with the same problems, and then they die. Even ants and termites have it better than us

Gobineau is quite blackpilling, so here's a comedic relief

Gobineau also debunks the fake news that "our" civilization will survive because we have technology & know-how. But by now you should have realized that we don't have a civilization, we're the savages living among the ruins

This is something that might be of interest to my friends in America: "Gunpowder has no power to save a society that is in danger of death"

Gobineau returns to the three main human types, and elaborates a little bit about each. We know how civilizations die, but how are they born?

In all civilizations, Gobineau notices an interesting common theme

As we already know the three main types bring about innumerate mixes. Gobineau is not a bigot, he reasonably weighs pros and cons that can come from these mixes - some of these mixes created unique civilizations

Now we're arriving at Gobineau's conclusions. Everything moves towards mediocrity. Everyone grows more and more degraded and more confused, which "ends in utter impotence, and leads societies down to the abyss of nothingness whence no power on earth can rescue them"

So what can we do? Nothing. "It is a sad end, and one which many noble races before ourselves have had to meet. The blow cannot be turned aside; it is inevitable. The wise man may see it coming, but can do nothing more." THE END

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