THE FÜHRER दंडराज्य

THE FÜHRER दंडराज्य



If you want to change your degenerate existence. Read this

Many of you are mindlessly surfing on internet, you will do this for hours, maybe you are a student with no money but you will still do this, and then you will come across some erotic material here on social media, so you will fuel it and therefore end up masturbating...

After masturbation, you will feel guilty and anxious; and by now it's already midnight so you have fucked up your sleep cycle as well, so it's obvious that you will wake up late in the morning, therefore feeling more depressed and low on energy Since you are low on energy...

instead of doing something productive you will again open your phone and mindlessly surf on internet the other day You will waste your whole day like this and to be honest there are high chances that you will masturbate once again. This is you, right?

You are not able to give up on your degenerate habit (masturbation, porn, eating junk, wasting time on phone etc.) because your are trapped in a vicious cycle which involves 1. Doing the habit for instant gratification For ex. Masturbating

2. After effects of that habit Feeling guilty for losing your energy Feeling anxious and physically weak as a result wasting your time on unproductive activities including watching movies and eating junk food 3. Indulging in the habit again for instant gratification

This vicious cycle has no end and many of you are trapped here from long time Every time you try to come out of this cycle it results in failure At most you are able to abstain for 2-3 weeks

To break this cycle, you will have to work according to a system and stick to it for atleast 90 days After you have successfully done it, your vicious cycle will be replaced by a new productive cycle

Here is a 90 days renaissance routine for anyone of you who finds himself/herself involved in the energy sucking cycle discussed above

• Pranayama Pranayama are ancient hindu breathing exercises which clear the physical and emotional obstacles in our body to free the breath, basically the flow of 'prana' (life energy). Regular practice of pranayam makes your Physically and Mentally robust.

There are several types of Pranayama - Bhastrika - Kumbhak - Kapalbhati - Nadi shodhan - Sama vritti You can start with any of them, YouTube have many yogic practitioners, watch their videos to learn (avoid foreign yoga instructors and women with half naked body doing yoga)

What is Brahmamuhurat and why to wake up at this hour of morning?

Why you must avoid porn?

How to stop masturbating? 1.


If you have come this far in the thread, you are a serious man and will come out of this vicious cycle if you follow the routine discussed above I will follow this routine too, so if you encounter any problem or have any queries in your journey, you can always DM me

Before starting your routine, you can listen to this podcast to get your mindset on the right path (It's in hindi)

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