#sakuatsu cw a/b/o a!a o!o, nsfw Kiyoomi's instagram used to not even have a profile picture. Atsumu would know, he first got a hold of it (through childish coercing) while they were at training camp, midly jealous that he still had a flip phone while kiyoomi had the rich boy +

new version iphone that was wasted on him because as soon as Atsumu got ahold of his @ all he ever saw was 3 pictures of the tokyo sky line and a photo of a volleyball. It was bleak, utilitarian and not personal. Throughout the years that passed, Atsumu still remained one of +

the few followers Sakusa's account had, safe for family members and other volleyball players from his highschool team. He would check in and see a few cute photos, like the one-off graduation photos that his parents nagged him into taking and posting or the yearly, never late +

"first snow of the year" posts with the most boring pic of a patch of snow on some grass that Atsumu found very endearing. It would make the corner of his mouth quirk whenever he would decide to check in on Kiyoomi's instagram. Once the omega joined the Black Jackals, the PR +

team wanted him to at least curate his account more, for the sake of the team and its public image. Now the profile pic is a generic sports photograph from one of their tournaments and his only photos are team photos and sponsored brand deals. The alpha cant help it, he always +

makes fun of kiyoomi's brand deals. Its never anything cool, like how atsumu got sponsored by that one surfing gear company and got to do a killer shoot or how bokuto got that cool sun glasses brand deal so he keeps posting pics of him in shades. It got old very quickly. But +

Kiyoomi's brand deals are always lame, atsumu thinks. Eye drops, nasal tissues, muscle patches, and not even the badass athelete type, but the ones old people who complain about their hip joint use (as kiyoomi often does as well, you wouldnt believe he's the youngest member) +

His instagram looks hilariously disjointed from random, scarse family photos, PR required team pics and then obviously sticking out brand deal photos that make up more than half of his posts, which is why people always clown on him. All that to say: Atsumu thought he knew what +

to expect when he saw a notification from kiyoomi's instagram. Theres nothing else it could be aside from everything he's posted so far. Blunt, straight to the point, a little awkward and surprisingly endearing. This is what Atsumu expects. Not what he got now. It was an +

unassuming thusday night when Atsumu was busy watching a replay for a team theyll play with in a few weeks and his phone gets a notification. The other bj players might make fun of him, but Atsumu has notifications on for Kiyoomis instagram. Hes always kept that a secret, a +

little personal indulgence, because its nostalgic in a way. He saw the post notification but knew it could wait, seeing as he was focused on the game at hand. And then his phone blows up. Annoying beep after beep, his phone buzzing on the glass coffee table with each new +

message in their team group chat. Usually its never this active, maybe 2 or 3 messages at a time, but not like this. By the 7th buzz Atsumu decides to check what the fuss is about. He keeps seeing congradulatory messages for kiyoomi and his new brand deal, a lot of fire emojis +

from bokuto, a lot of exclamation points from hinata, and a bunch of the other team mates saying inocuous things like "you looked fantastic", "blew me away". And by now the game is forgotten and Atsumu's interest is peaked. The team knew that Kiyoomi had an upcoming brand deal +

from the few times that sakusa has to miss practice to go to the photoshoot. The project was very hush hush, which wasnt new because Sakusa is not someone who talks about his personal life willingly, unless you pry it out of his little socially awkard mouth. But usually even he +

lets them in on what the product is. Its probably something lame and hes probably used to being teased and didnt tell them anymore, the sensitive baby. So Atsumu begrudgingly opens his instagram to see what all the fuss is about. And this cant be right. He cant be seeing this +

correctly. On kiyoomi's usually sterile and impersonal account, now there is a high quality photo, of him posed in the most provocative, model-esque way, wearing the most provocative sports-esque high waisted mesh g string and matching form fitting top. What is happening. +

Atsumu's eyes flit over the screen, desperate to understand it. Is he in a parallel universe, is this an april 1st prank? He first sees the obvious logo on the bottom right of the photo, an apparent collab between a luxury lingerie brand and a high quality sports apparel brand +

that seemed to birth this masterpiece into creation. It almost doesnt even feel real, with what Atsumu knows about the omega. Cranky, rude, comically morose and very much not concerned over any appearance that comes in the way of comfort and efficiency. Its a shoc, to find +

himself staring at the immaculate curves that he never noticed because their uniform and kiyoomis training gear were always loose and flowy. To see the graceful lines of his long legs drift up to delicate, narrow hips, up a strong lithe torso and to gorgeous sculped arms that +

Have soft supple flesh just aching to be grabbed and handled. The way that fucking mesh little bikini that shamelessly masquarades as training gear bends around the curves of his pelvis, the skin so smooth and thin you can see the delicate veins around it. The mesh top also +

does absolutely nothing in order to cover anything, and Atsumu can see through the sheer fabric the pretty, pink outline of his areolas, an absolute tease from someone who never shows himself naked, seeing as the opinion on waist up nudity varies from omega to omega. +

Its all overwhelmingly beautiful, and Atsumu is lost to the world outside, only focused on his screen. Hes roamed over the picture a hundred times already. When hes had his fill and feels the heat of his cheeks become to embarrassing to ingore, he scrolls down to the replies +

There are of course a lot of keymashes, heart and fire emojis, and a lot of strings of very suggestively phallic looking emojis from multiple alphas from the vleague which atsumu takes a surprisingly aggresive offense to. Fucking pigs. Oggling like that. +

(Brb bc i dont think i have it in me to crank out a jerk off scene just yet lmao. Yes the pun was intentional, who do you think youre dealing with) I know its not much and not very good, so sorry for teasing 😔

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