Syd 💜 IA while on vacation!

Syd 💜 IA while on vacation!



#sakuatsu Single father Sakusa who had taken his 5 year old son out to brunch with his sister only to completely distracted by the pretty man at the table over. Little did he know that he was raising a little wing man as his son noticed, before he did,

That the pretty man was leaving just before them. They were on their way out, and his son rushed to the door to push it open before the pretty stranger could get to it. As he passed, the blonde squatted next to his son and offered his hand up for a high five.

"Thanks little man, 'ppreciate ya holdin' the door for me," "Papa said we should always hold the door open for pretty people," he son declared proudly, smile glaring as he grinned at the stranger. Mortified, Sakusa covered his face with his hands and prayed

That somehow, maybe, the man hadn't heard his son. It was possible....not. "Oh? Is that so?" The man chuckled. "That's a very good rule to follow." With his face covered, Sakusa missed the note the pretty stranger passed to his son, but he didn't miss the words.

"Do ya think ya could do me a solid and make sure this gets to yer pretty papa?" "Yeah!" His son responded eagerly. "Thanks bud," and Sakusa had just enough time to see the blonde ruffle his sons hair before walking out the door.

But that was okay, because he'd left a messy, 'call me' and a phone number on the back of his restaurant receipt. Many, many, years later, their son absolutely took credit--and bragged about how he'd gotten his dad's together.

Thought you guys deserved a sweet, late night treat 🥰

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