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#sakuatsu | bad boy!kiyoomi & top student!atsumu Kiyoomi wasn't the best student, he knew that, he was well aware of it He could admit he was usually laid back and didn't bother caring about anything school related Well, almost anything

Any other day you wouldn't be surprised of looking for a mop of dark curls around the school corridors and not finding anything at all, but recently that has seem to change

While the usual for teachers as well as students was not even expecting for the raven to be seen near the place, his presence has been basically perfect for the last three weeks He was always seen walking the building with little to no care for the purpose of attending but still

He would show up to every single one of his classes, not a drop of want for learning what is so passionately teached but a lot of attention landing on one singular subject His eyes wouldn't move away from the anatomy of the blonde boy always seated at the very front of the class

Gaze studying his body like this one holded the answers to every possible question that could be found on his text book Kiyoomi could lie and say he wasn't sure about the moment his infatuation with the boy started, but he remembered the day with extreme clarity

It was one of the rare occasions where he would make an appearance around the building and spend his boring mornings there His gaze traveled through the place while his fingers guided a cigarette to his lips

Inhaling the hot smoke as he searched for something, or someone, to help his boredom go away As he let out the air on his lungs his eyes landed on blonde hair, black round shaped glasses and arms clutching books against what he immediately imagined was a very firm chest

The boy looked lost in thought as his black converse smacked the floor with every rapid step, obviously determined to get somewhere, his messy golden locks and pen stained hands giving away his purpose Bingo, he thought, an easy target, it might be fun

As he made his way to the boy he could see he was pretty muscular and tall for what he'd expect, but he was still a little smaller than Kiyoomi, this made him feel smug and more confident about his approach, so, once he got there, he greated him with a smirk on his face

"Hi" He didn't attempt to stop the blonde as this one kept his steps steady, leaving him walking backwards to look directly into hazel eyes. "I'm Kiyoomi, what's your name, pretty?" "None of yer business"

The short reply along with the lack of interest would had thrown Kiyoomi off if it wasn't for the accent that immediately caught his attention "What? Too pretty to speak to me?" The mocking comment made the other stop dead on his track, but there wasn't any hint of a blush

Or even a shy expression, just an annoyed look making its presence well known on his face "What do ya want? For me to do yer homework or somethin'? Look, tell yer stupid friends or whoever told ya to come to me that they can go eat shit and leave me alone, thank ya"

Now to say that this wasn't what Kiyoomi was expecting would be an understatement, but the snarky remark and the confidence on his voice to say exactly what he thought made the raven's interest grew stronger

"Whoa there, sweetheart! There's no need for you to get all defensive, I'm just here cause I wanted to get to know a pretty thing like you" This only made the boy roll his eyes at him "Yeah, sure. I wasn't born yesterday ya know?"

As he intended to walk away and forget the conversation the taller stopped his steps, caging him between the nearest wall and his body, Kiyoomi let out a low chuckle as his lips found the cigarette one more time "Oh, I'm dead serious sweetheart" He leaned closer

"Don't you know that I'm not one for jokes?" The smoke that met the blonde's face with every word only earned him a glare "Listen asshole, I don't know what yer little game is, but let me tell ya that I'm not interested at all"

He moved, leaving the wall to look directly into obsidian eyes as one hand went to grab the cigarette from the raven's grip before letting this one fall on the ground to step on it "And next time ya think about speaking to me with smoke on yer mouth, don't even bother"

He didn't have time to reply as the other pushed him away, walking out with an annoyed expression and firm steps, leaving him with no name and no information at all But he was sure to find out, no way he would let him walk away so easily after giving him a reason to come here

- This wasn't ideal at all, at least not for the blonde, Kiyoomi on the other side, was beaming as the teacher guide the two students to an empty classroom

While Kiyoomi was well aware of his poor grades and lack of effort, he was also aware that the last thing he needed was a tutor, so when his teacher suggested the idea of taking extra classes with another student after school, his first thought was to decline it

Now though, as his very capable, and very pretty, tutor stood in front of him, an annoyed and reluctant expression clear on his face, he was very glad he didn't get a chance to speak as Mr. Shiro took him to his office

At first glance, you wouldn't be able to tell just how excited the raven actually was The smirk on his face reflected pure smugness but he couldn't stop his heart from pounding hard at the idea of being alone with the pretty boy that has invaded his thoughts for the last month

"Okay boys, this is your stop, I expect plenty of progress from you two as the week goes by" Mr. Shiro looked like a man on a mission, another teacher thinking they're capable of fixing a "loss case" like Kiyoomi Poor incredulous man

"Mr. Shiro, with all due respect, I don't get why /I/ should be the one tutorin' him. He's a big boy isn't he? He should be able to do this all by himself" The snarky remark didn't seem to bother the man at all

An unsurprised look plastered on his face as he looked at the blonde with clear tiredness "Mr. Miya, we've already discussed this, you're as capable of helping as he is of receiving help"

"Besides, I believe we made it clear as to why are you in this situation, good grades won't get you out of your punishment" This last statement made Kiyoomi raise a brow as the other only limited himself to huff

"I still stand by the fact that his nose is just fine, he tripped and fell, I don't understand how is that supposed to be my fault" His crossed arms accompanied by the roll of his eyes sent an amused smile to the raven's face

"And your fist just so happened to be the first thing that touched his face before he fell? Is that how it was, Mr. Miya?" The man showed a severe expression as the blonde averted his gaze to the ground

A mumbled 'its not like he didn't deserve it' was heard only by Kiyoomi as the teacher let out a long sigh before returning to his friendly default and looking at them expectantly "Well boys, I hope to see progress from now on, from both of you. Good luck"

Once the man walked out of the classroom, the two boys were left alone, a bothered blonde and an amused raven were probably the last two people you would want together But Kiyoomi couldn't be more happy, as the now known as 'Miya' made his way to the teacher's desk

Getting his things out and looking up at him with a serious look "Listen, I don't think the fact that I'm not content with doin' this is a secret, so this is how we're gonna do this"

"Ya will sit there and do yer homework like the big boy ya are and if ya have, and only if ya have, any questions, I'll be willin' to answer them. Got it?" Kiyoomi should be mad, he should be punching this sassy bastard and making it clear that he wasn't one to take orders

But for some reason he just couldn't Not when the only thing he felt was heat under his collar and the need for pushing the blonde against the nearest wall and taking him right there, or maybe even in on of the desks, that would be fun "As you say, doll"

The other ignored him in order to sit and start on his own work, leaving the raven standing there, watching him before making his way to take a sit as well But instead of doing as he was told

The only thing over his desk were his own feet as he got comfortable and took a cigarette out, lighting this one up as he looked at the boy's direction once again He admired him carefully, his blonde locks falling gracefully over his forehead without effort

His round glasses being held in place by the tip of his nose as he looked down at his textbook, pretty hands moving the pen against the paper with determination But the thing that caught Kiyoomi's attention the most were full, rosy lips trapped between white teeth

A rosy tongue wetting them now and then as the owner got lost in thought while reading Suddenly the smoke on his lungs wasn't enough to satiate the growing hunger inside him

"Yer not gonna get any work done if ya just look at me the entire time, ya know?" His attention was pulled back to honey colored eyes, the expression on the blonde's face unreadable. "And stop smokin' in here, yer gonna leave the whole classroom smellin' like shit"

This last thing earned a low chuckle from the raven, but he moved to press the cigarette in the desk, leaving the other glaring at him "You know, I work way better with a little motivation" A smirk went to his his face as the other rolled his eyes for the nth time that morning

"Then i guess ya can say bye to yer grades, tho ya probably already did, didn't ya?" An actual laugh bubble out of Kiyoomi as he looked at him with amusement "C'mon Miya, I'm not trying to play dirty here, unless you want me to"

He sent a wink his way before sitting properly and locking eyes with the other "I'll tell you what, if I do this, and the paper is decent enough by the time i finish, you'll give me your name" "Ya already got my name" "No, your actual name, sweetheart"

The blonde raised a brow at him, taking his time to think it over, by the time Kiyoomi was growing impatient, the other let out a sigh and looked back at him "Okay, deal. But if the work is shitty ya can say goodbye to all of this" The raven plastered a smile on his face

"You got it, doll" He moved to grab the things from his bag with determination "And stop with those ridiculous pet names already" He looked up and couldn't help but put on a flirty smile "I don't think so, darling" He gained another eye roll before getting into business

- His leg wouldn't stop bouncing as he waited for the other to look at his work, the blonde took his time eyeing the paper with an unreadable expression and calm demeanor

Once he seemed to be over, he limited himself to pack his things with ease, not a bit of hurry on him as he made his way to Kiyoomi with the paper in hand He looked at him expressionless as he handed him his work, he didn't waste any time as he checked it over and over again

He got two things wrong but aside from that, the notes made with pencil were in their majority positive, he looked up at the blonde in front of him, an expectant look on his face as the other seemed to smile just slightly, almost unnoticeable

"Atsumu, that's as much as ya'll get, for now" Before Kiyoomi could say anything, he made his way to the door without looking back. "See ya tomorrow, Kiyoomi" He would be embarrassed at the look on his face as he looked the boy go away

But he was way too busy delighting in the thrill of what he obtained Atsumu, what a pretty name, just as the guy that had it Well, maybe Mr. Shiro was right, this was definitely progress

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