1. Journal your wants and don't wants - Know what you want and what you dont want. - Have clarity about both equally. - Write them in your journal. - Add details as much as possible. • What do I want? • Why do I want it? • By when do I want to?

2. Vision board - Make a vision board of your goals with images. - Best way to get what you manifest is to let your brain wander around your goals. - It helps you with different ideas for achieving them and it keeps you going.

3. Spread positivity - Be positive in everything you think, do and speak. - Positivity has the power to attract good things. - Work on negative thoughts and understand what is causing them, act upon them.

4. Remove fear and doubt - Never,be doubtful that it may not happen - Be courageous to face anything that comes on the way to your dream. - In the end, obstacles doesn't matter, only your goal matters.

5. Align your behavior - The most important thing to manifest is to align your behavior closer to who you want to be. - One step or one habit at a time. - If you aim to gain more knowledge, start reading one page a day.

6. Declutter every area of life - Be it the your surroundings or the people you surround yourself with. - Decluttering makes space for abundance and helps you manifest anything faster

7. Practice the art of gratitude - If u keep letting the universe know what it wants, it gives you mode of satisfaction.

8. 369 manifestation method - Write want you want - 9 times at night - 3 times in the morning - 6 times through out the day - Consistent writing solidified ur sense of purpose

9. The energy shift - Shift your energy levels from low to high. - Be joyful and happy always. - Take care of your health. - Exercise.meditate. - Follow all the above steps and observe the shift in your energy levels.

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