#miyacestober2022 day 1 • Onigiri Miya // “irasshaimase! welcome to onigiri miya. what can i get for you today?” atsumu uses a cheery voice and plasters on his brightest smile, even though the customer can’t see it behind his mask. +

he takes the customer's order and puts it through the system, hearing osamu's voice call it out from the kitchen when he receives the ticket. the onigiri is made within no time and atsumu hands it over to the customer with a grin, +

thanking them again and wishing them well in his Customer Service voice. he resists the urge to slump over once the customer leaves—when he offered to help osamu out today because he was short-staffed he hadn't expected it would be like this. +

from the outside osamu always looked to be so calm and in control, but now that he's actually behind the counter for once he's realising how hectic it can get. the lunch rush before had atsumu in a frenzy, the customers just came one after the other and +

there seemed to be no end to the line in sight. eventually, osamu had come over to him, placing a gentle touch to the spot between his shoulder blades and asking, 'are ya alright?' while the current customer was still deciding their order, atsumu +

frantically whispered back, 'they just keep coming.' it made osamu laugh, and then he told atsumu he would take over for a bit, so he could take a break. 'i made yer favourite,' he added, and that was all the convincing atsumu needed. +

atsumu munched on his tuna and spring onion onigiri but stayed behind the counter. once again, he got a different perspective seeing his brother work from this angle. the way he interacted with his customers, inputting their orders with ease—barely needing to +

look down at the screen so he could continue conversing with them. the way he smoothly collected their cash and hands them their change, or directed them to the credit card machine. osamu had many regulars too, atsumu noticed, as he addressed them by name and +

asked how they've been. atsumu realised that his twin had really carved a place for himself in these people's lives, and he'd really established his business and made a name for himself. /their/ name. as a group of teenagers waited to the side for their order, +

atsumu could hear them whispering to each other. amongst them were things like, 'that guy was so handsome!' and 'he was the boss? oh my god do you think i could work for him.' it made atsumu smile. and soon, the lunch rush was over, and osamu returned to the kitchen, +

leaving atsumu to man the front. it's been quieter since, something atsumu is grateful for. his legs have started to ache from standing on them all day, and he's yawning every couple of minutes. +

atsumu serves three more customers before osamu announces that the kitchen has closed for the day. atsumu wants to go to him immediately, but there are still people in the store, so he remains at the counter, watching the customers eat, silently begging them to leave soon. +

when they finally do, atsumu really /does/ slump over, sinking into one of the stools behind the counter, before realising now they actually have to close the store. only, he has no idea what that entails. +

the other employees, though, are extremely efficient. they begin clearing tables, wiping them, and putting chairs up. atsumu stands to the side, dazed, unsure of how to help out. the assistant manager notices him undoubtedly looking out of place and comes over to him. +

she chuckles and says, "it's okay, atsumu-san, please just rest. you've worked hard today!" atsumu could cry from relief. "alright, but only if you're sure." she smiles at him and directs him over to behind the counter again, insisting that he let them clean up. +

atsumu puts his head down for only a moment, intending to rest his eyes for a minute before getting up to help out, but the next thing he knows, a gentle hand is nudging his shoulder and shaking him awake. "wha..?" atsumu asks, still sleepy. he looks up to find that +

the store is empty and the blinds have been drawn. osamu, smiling down at him, is the only other person remaining. "samu~" atsumu immediately whines. he plops his head back into his arms and mumbles, "i'm so tired~!" +

he can hear osamu laugh, and then the sound of a stool being placed beside him. atsumu turns his head so he can see his brother, settling in beside him and echoing his position—putting his arms on the counter and resting his head on them. +

atsumu gazes at the beauty of his twin for a moment, before bemoaning, "how do ya do it, samu? i feel like i just played five straight sets." osamu only smiles, watching atsumu with such fondness it makes him want to cry. he leans in and kisses atsumu before telling him, +

"it's not like i'm not tired too." atsumu hums, then presses his lips to osamu's again. this is nice. after the hectic day he had, the touch of osamu's soft lips against his own is calming. only, atsumu /is/ really tired, and their slow makeout is only lulling him to sleep. +

"'m sorry, samu," he mumbles between their next kiss, "but i really am aboutta fall asleep. i don't think i could even stand right now." "hah, feel free. i might nap with ya. we can go home once you feel more rested." now that he's been given permission, atsumu +

fully lets himself drift off into dreamland. but not before he feels osamu move closer to him, wrap an arm around his shoulders, and rest their heads together. right before sleep takes him, atsumu smiles.

// just the miyas resting peacefully together at the counter of onigiri miya <3 day 1 complete!!!! get ready for 30 more 💪

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