Dr Ritesh Malik

Dr Ritesh Malik



COVID IS NEARER TO YOU THAN YOU THINK: A personal update, last month me & 4 other members of my family, my father @drravimalik, mother, wife & sister turned covid +. All 5 of us are doctors & got exposed at our hospital @radixhealthcare which is treating Covid patients. (1/n)

After going through some of d most difficult days of my life, I thot of penning down the experience, to help all of u avoid wat I had to go thru by being cautious & d only way to avoid COVID is to be MADLY PARANOID. THINK OF EVERY PERSON U MEET, EVERY SURFACE U TOUCH AS COVID +.

We’re in the midst of a grave war against a submicrobe which only replicates in living cells. Outside living cells it’s a dead crystal. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOME. I cannot stress on this enough. If you have to don’t without your MASK, FACE SHIELD & GLOEVS (Min gear that you need)

BUILD SANCTITY of your HOUSE. No external object including a human should step inside without proper sanitization,mask,shield,gloves. 70% of covid in house of a non HCW (healthcare worker) is outside induced (passive). Whatever delivery is coming at your doorstep = SANITISATION.

Have your househelp reside at ur residence, if that’s not possible do your own cleaning, cooking, but at any cost avoid external presence at ur home. Fumigate ur home once every week. 70% Ethanol sanitizer liquid should be sprayed as if its free, use it as much as possible.

With this chances of being covid+ r low,bt if u do,heres wat to do. DO NOT PANIC,more than physical ailments it’s the mental 1’s that make you go mad. Specially when you have your entire family on a ship which is heading towards a 'mental' tsunami, FEAR: false evidence appearing

What helpd me was MELATONIN, it induced sleep for the past 30 days & I tried to be with the sun as much possible,that made me stay away from long nights & negative thoughts.Coming on to symptoms.Our family had strong symptoms,High fever,excruciating body pain,loss of taste &cough

Mostly the symptoms vain off by 12 days by symptomatic treatment. I used to monitor my temperature, SPO2, Pulse Rate & Resp Rate, 4 hourly, have attached a sheet for ref. That helped me understand if any of the family members are going into ARDS (Acute Resp Distress Syndrome)

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