desi avocado 🥑 || whore arc (in theory only)

desi avocado 🥑 || whore arc (in theory only)



#sakuatsu atsumu was a perfect omega in every sense. deep eyes, gorgeous thighs, slender waist and wide hips. even his nurturing side sprouts up once in a while. the only problem? his smell is heavily concentrated and overpowering, and he smells like petrol. +

no alpha has been able to withstand this atrocity on their nose except his twin, osamu, and so for as long as he can remember, he had no suitors. atsumu is a pretty self-confident guy, and omegan peers follow his frame with avarice to learn some tips to maintain a boy like his,

but not having alphas die at your feet like they do for that pesky seijoh omega does make a pretty hard blow at your self-esteem. eventually, atsumu resigned to the fact that he would have to die alone, possibly become a cat dad. until he send the tall, gloomy alpha into a rut

at training camp. he had forgot his usual scent patches courtesy to having a lot on his mind, and the entire gym could smell the suffocating potent smell of petrol wafting through the gym. most alphas like komori and kageyama retched in disgust (atsumu would pout at that), but

there was this one alpha who stood there. inhaling every scent like it was /amrit/, panting like a dog. atsumu looked on curiously, as komori rushed to the alpha's side just before he fell to the ground, so overwhelmed by the smell that he went into rut. the alpha wasn't present

for the rest of the camp. komori later distractly mentioned that he was so affected that two whole bedcovers have to be changed for they were irrevocably stained with his release. atsumu later learned that the alpha was sakusa kiyoomi.

(just wanted to make an au with omega atsumu 'smells like petrol, disgusting to most' miya and alpha sakusa 'loves the smell of petrol' kiyoomi

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