Simon Sarris

Simon Sarris



I realized some time ago, playing Minecraft, that it is *intensely* gratifying to build and improve the world around you. It was a big motivation for buying land, of course.

There's something we yearn to do wrt building from a very young age. When I was ~5 I would turn on the hose so it would run down the driveway, just so I could dam the stream, create this waterway, gain Apollonian mastery of some great (imagined?) project.

I think most people have this drive to create and ultimately excel at some craft, improve the world, go on to build gardens and temples and other wonders. It seems to be a very natural impulse. It seems, in somewhat frightening way, odd that we *don't* do it more.

This drive gets pushed into Video Game World, and I worry it's somehow a huge mistake. I think it v important to find out how to allow others (esp children) to easily make some kind of mark. Have the means to build or improve something. Make something beautiful.

The people who built the remaining beautiful (for ex medieval) city centers, towns, villages, churches, temples, understood something that we don't. They were participating in something that is lost on most of us. Why is it lost?

These things are divinely inspired. There is no rationalist neoliberal economic calculus etc. They weren't (originally) for tourism. They were created because we once knew it was the right thing to build them.

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