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1000 RTs and I’d create a short thread on Durga Ma & her devotee Guru Gobind Singh that will leave SGPC McSikhs & Khalistanis no place to hide. जय माता दी!

Olrite let's go! In comments to OP many mentioned Guru's autobiography Bachittar Natak where he speaks of doing tapasya in previous birth to Kalika at Hemkunt, and of his famous composition Chandi di Vaar (or Vaar Durga Ji Ki) ie Ballad to War Goddess. So I'd share other sources.

Actually Shakta influence takes hold in Sikhism, not from GuruGobind but as soon as the first Sikh Guru, Arjan Dev Ji, is martyred. Here is the sword of his son and 6th Guru, HargobindJi, who was GuruGobind's grandfather. Etched on blade his is name in Persian & image of #MaKali.

Then here's from Panda Vahi of Guru Hargobind's son Guru Tegh Bahadur, when he visited Prayag. In it he calls himself worshipper of #NainaDevi. Years later Guru Tegh Bahadur's son Guru Gobind would visit same spot and sign under it. Taken from 1978 Journal Paper by Madanjit Kaur.

Now to GuruGobind. 1st reference to GuruTeghBahadur sacrificing his life for Kashmiri Pandits' religion is century later Gurbilas text by Sukkha Singh. But on Guru Gobind Singh having performed Hom at Naina Devi before formation of Khalsa there's a near concensus from beginning.

I'll share sources other than Sukkha Singh that talk about Guru Gobind Singh performing Hom to seek Devi's blessings. Chaupa Singh was Guru's chief nurse in childhood who taught him Gurumukhi & wrote the most extensive Rahitnama. Here's from Chaupa Singh Rahitnama- MS1018 at GNDU

Then here's MehimaPrakash of Sarup Das Bhalla (1776) & Bansavalinama (Geneology of 10 Kings) by Kesar Singh Chibber (1769) Couldn't find English portion for Chibber but in this bit Guru is saying he's ready to bear all difficulties of Hom for blessings of Devi to wipe out demons.

Then there's KoerSingh's Gurbilas Patshahi 10 (claims 1751 but probably early 19th century). And Ratan Singh Bhangu's very imp Prachin Panth Prakash (~1811) - which I exposed was shamelessly distorted by #BhaiVirSingh to serve his SinghSabha/SGPC ideology.

Then great poet Santokh Singh, who wrote NanakPrakash & his magnum opus SurajPratapGranth, which in multiple volumes and verse covers entire history of Sikh Gurus. He spent over three dozen pages on Hom episode -curious can look/translate? Ch 7-11 of Rut 3

There's even copper-plate that Guru gave to NainaDevi peeth (priests had refused money and asked for something that'd stay). It reads: "Namo Naine (Salutations to Naina). Bhadia is our Purohit. Those who follow us must honor him. In Anadpuri Lipi matching with late 17th century.

Okay enough of MaNainaDevi. Most of you must've seen pic of ShivajiMaharaj bowing to MaDurga who's blessing him with sword for DharamYudh. Almost exact same image of GuruGobindSingh used to be in Golden Temple till a century ago before Evangelized SinghSabha fools pulled it down.

Actually this most common image of MaDurga is very pertinent. In her 3 hands she holds blessings of AbhayaMudra (gesture of fearlessness), Conch (given by LordVaruna), Lotus (given by Ocean). The rest 5 hands hold weapons. Interstingly GuruGobind also commanded bearing 5 weapons!

Yes Guru commanded bearing 5 Hathyar - NOT 5 Kakkar! There's NO mention *anywhere* of 5Ks for 175 years after GuruGobind's death. Was British mischief! Watch: ( freeflowing in Hindi) OR (in English, more dry but w/ inset references)

Videos make slamdunk case but for those who wanna see something quick now. Take 3 images. 1) Order of GuruGobindSingh 1702. Underline part says visit me bearing 5 weapons. 2) Translation of BandaBahadur's Order 1710. 3) Page from Col Malcolm's 1812 deeply probing/perceptive book.

Okay, since with Malcolm's "Sketch to The Sikhs" we jumped into #RanjitSingh's KhalsaRaj period. Whose battle flags as some of you know again had total Shakta representation - here Durga between Bhairav & Hanuman. How similar is description of Banda's flag over century earlier!!!

Back to GuruGobindSingh. According to Nihang (being out of #SGPC's control and best at not being bullied, they're good at preserving) tradition - this #Ashtbhuj was Guru's battle standard. Inspiration from MaDurga (whom Guru refers to also as Ashtbhuja in DasamGranth) is obvious!

Most fascinating bit about this 8-pronged/armed battle standard is the 2 top protruding/fierce teeth. Literally #Ugradanti. Guru Gobind Singh composed Ugradanti to be sung before worship of weapons. In its 6 stanzas Guru addresses himself as Das/servant of Shakti two dozen times!

Shakta Ugradanti could never be deHinduized/Monotheized by TatKhalsa (precursors of SGPC) coolies of British. So beautiful composition was excised! Although it was present in earliest recensions of 10th Guru Granth. I've underlined its opening line in 1898 Patna manuscript folio.

Devi worship is all over Guru Gobind Singh's Granth but let's take one of compositions dedicated totally to her. Chandi Charitar Ukti Bilas can be read here - in Braj, tied in meter, 25 pages long, beautiful! Follows arc of of Ch 78-89 of Markandeya Puran.

What I found most special about his rendering of Devi Mahatmaya bit is how he's rooting geography of India as sacred in his compositions while raising his men for DharamYudh. For eg AFAIK there's no mention of Sarasvati in Makandeya Puran but Guru Gobind brings it more than once!

He does it everywhere in Granth. To take other ex: 1) Doesn't call birth place Punjab. Repeatedly refers to it by the Mahabharata description Madra Desh. 2) For Ocean he uses Sindhu (Indus). So भवसागर, Ocean of Samsara, becomes भवसिंधु! 3) For river Sutlej uses RigVedic Sutuduri!

Anyways back to #ChandiCharitarUktiBilas. It concludes with Guru's most famous supplication Deh Shiva Bar Mohe —adorns Indian Military Academy. Composition makes it abundantly clear Shiva here refers to AdShakti. But Sikhs of Canada/SGPC variety translate it to monotheistic Lord.

My translation: O Siva, grant me boon, Never shall I shirk the righteous deed. Nor fear, when I enter into combat, Hold determination, until I succeed. Teach to my heart, that to sing thy praises, Be its only greed. And when time come to leave, I finish gloriously on battlefield!

Now Q is with so much Devi how was faith distorted into an Izlamist type cult. Already exposed frauds of #BhaiVirSingh, now we'd take the other fountained of modern Sikh identity #KahnSinghNabha. 100 years ago he plucked and populaized a statement that neo-Sikh chant like mantra.

Yes the quote says: I do not invocate Ganesha first, Nor am I devotee of Vishnu. But verses immediately preceding it make context abundantly clear. That he considers Devi first and others as her manifestations. So it's her that kills Ravana through Rama or Kansa through Krishna!

If there's an iota of doubt here's how subsection of quote plucked Starts: "From here praise of Devi begins.. You're manifestation of all weapons, you're Ambika.." Ends: "Consider me your servant and hold my hand, vanquish all my enemies.. Here ends praise of Divine feminine."

Was obvious to pre-SGPC Sikhs who interacted with scriptures & held Truth as sacred —not marionettes engineered now who can only see at what supports their corrosive ideology & shout curses against rest. Illustration of folio with quote that says I don't invocate Ganesha first!

Above is illustating again the famous episode of Guru's Hom at NainaDevi. In the same manuscript, you see Ganesha too just that Devi is shown precedence. Oh btw traditional #Sikh sources says his father Guru TeghBahadur married by first invocating Ganesha!

Okay this became long though there's much more to share. Hope the case was made more than convincingly. Thanks for reading it patiently and #Navratri #Dusshera greetings to all! My prayers to the divine feminine and Kshatriyas who fight darkness of falsehood with love of Truth🙏

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