SakuAtsuSuna NSFW - Pre-negotiated kink Consensual noncon “Well, he’s still a party pooper,” sticking out his bottom lip, Atsumu pouted. “Who doesn’t like Halloween? Or amusement parks? Or haunted houses?” Suna shrugged, taking a bite out of his pumpkin bun. “You know how he is

with crowds and things like this. He’d just shame us for eating food that’s called maggot covered corn dogs.” Atsumu squinted, humming slightly in thought. “Yer right. But now I’m down one boyfriend, so yer going to have to win me every prize I want! Are ya up for it?” Suna’s

eyes gleamed like they usually only did during a game, his competitive streak shining through. “You’re such a little princess,” Suna squeezed his hand, “but yeah. Let’s do this.” After a few hours of eating, and Suna trying to win more stuffed animals than Atsumu could hold,

the crowd had thinned greatly. “Let’s do a house,” Suna checked his phone, “wanna do the doll one?” Atsumu loved Halloween, loved everything about it. But deep in his soul, he was a scaredy cat. “Hold my hand?” Atsumu clutched a stuffed tiger in the other. “I won’t let the

dolls get you, unless they come after me,” Suna winked as he dragged him to the empty house. It was dark, so dark he could barely see. Vintage style music was playing over the speakers as dolls of all sorts and sizes were hanging from the walls. The ceilings. Atsumu gripped

Suna’s hand tighter, letting his boyfriend lead them through the winding maze of glass eyes staring at them. An animatronic hand dropped down on his shoulder, Atsumu would never admit the sound that escaped him. Or how he left Suna in the dust as he ran. The next room was calm,

a nursery style room. Cribs with stuffed dolls in them, a monkey toy clapping in the corner. “Now I know not to trust you in a zombie apocalypse, babe,” Suna laughed as Atsumu jumped at the sound of his voice. He wrapped Atsumu up in his arms, back to chest, he rubbed the

goosebumps from his skin. “My pretty, scared, baby,” Suna murmured into the nape of his neck. “Are ya getting fucking hard in this haunted house?” Atsumu hissed as he felt a distinctive swell against his ass. “Remember how you said I could fuck you in public sometime?” Suna

looked around. “No one’s here, don’t you want me inside you, baby? Anyone could come in and see what a slut you are for me.” Atsumu shivered. Sakusa had eaten him out before he left tonight, telling him not to forget about him as he fingered Atsumu open. Sloppy and wet as he

walked around the park. His cock twitched at the thought of it, but also at the thought of someone seeing Suna fuck him until he cried. Because he always did. “Rin,” Atsumu shuffled back, rubbing his ass against the hard length there. “Just say yes, baby,” Suna cooed as the

music began to replay. “Yes, please.” Suna dropped to his knees behind him, helping him pull down his jeans after frantically unbuttoning them. “Fuck, baby.” Suna wasted no time licking over his already soft and wet hole. Dipping his tongue in, testing the stretch. Atsumu

moaned into his fist, thighs already shaking. “Omi got you all ready for me, didn’t he?” Suna’s warm breath against his wet skin had him shivering. “Please, Rin,” they shouldn’t linger. The mobile above the cribs were the only light in the room. “Shh, I got you,” Suna stood

fumbling with a condom packet from his pocket. Atsumu sighed in relief, not wanting to leak the rest of the night. Suna bent him forward, over the edge of the crib. Looking down at the dolls made him squirm. “Rin?” Atsumu heard the floor creak. “Rin?!” The door to the room

creaked open, Atsumh tried to stand but Suna held him down. “What’s this?” A muffled voice asked. “A dirty little slut?” “Wanna join?” Suna laughed as Atsumu began to struggle more. “He’s a real good boy once you get your cock in him.” Atsumu could smell the plastic of the mask

the man must have been wearing as he pressed in close. His breaths came out heaving, but his cock stayed hard. Dripping steadily on the carpet. “Is that so?” Leather covered fingers pressed into his hole, tugging at the rim. “Let’s find out.” Knees knock his thighs open, they

were quivering so hard that he would fall without the crib holding him up. “Rin,” Atsumu sobbed. The man behind him leaned in closer, the blunt head of his cock pushing through Atsumu’s tight ring of muscles. “Don’t scream, be good.” That’s all he got before the air was being

knocked out of him. The pace was brutal from the start, but Atsumu was sick. So sick. Even though he’s crying, stomach twisting from fear, his cock never stopped leaking. The friction was so intense that Atsumu realized the man wasn’t wearing a condom. Bare cock throbbing

inside of him. “You look so good, Atsumu,” Suna was behind him somewhere. Watching his boyfriend being fucked by a masked stranger. Atsumu couldn’t help but melt a little at the praise. Relaxing just enough that the burning slide inside of him was easier. Every pass over his

prostate had his cock kicking against his stomach. Gloved fingers toy with his wet head, pinching slightly. “Fucking slut. Spreading your legs for a stranger. You’re disgusting,” the thrusts got harder, enough to jolt Atsumu’s hips against the crib over and over. He knew he’d

have bruises later “His cunt feels good, though. Doesn’t it?” Suna’s lazy voice was hard to hear with all the blood rushing to Atsumu’s head. “I’m going to fill you up. Mark you. So you always know what a dirty whore you are.” One twist to his nipple, and Atsumu was cumming.

splattering on his tummy, the floor. He sobbed as his body clenched around the fat cock still rearranging his guts. Grunts echoed in his ear, as the man fucked into him a few more times. Moaning as he filled up Atsumu’s sloppy hole. Sakusa ripped off the mask, sweaty curls

brushed Atsumu’s face. “Trick or treat, babe.” A kiss was pressed to Atsumu’s neck. “Here? Ya guys decided to do it here?” His legs were like jelly, but Atsumu kept on his feet as Sakusa pulled out. Hissing at the emptiness. “We wanted to surprise you,” Suna sidled up to him,

rubbing his back. “Fucking hell,” Atsumu wondered which one of them was going to carry him home after that. “Don’t you think it’s my turn, though?” Suna’s cock was hard against his leaking hole, and it punched the air out of Atsumu’s lungs. “Be good for Rin,” Sakusa kissed his

cheek, still panting slightly. “Yer both sick fucks,” but his cock was already twitching with interest. “All for you, baby.” All three left the haunted house sweaty, covered in cum, and looking quite satisfied. “I bet ya can’t win me as many prizes as Rin did,” Atsumu laughed

as his boyfriends made a beeline to the arcade section. He slowly limped behind. He fucking loved Halloween.

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