I designed 160 weapons for a heroic fantasy game, inspired by World of Warcraft... in just a few minutes. A short thread on Generative AI & gaming 🧵 #GenerativeAI #AI #StableDiffusion #Dreambooth #Midjourney #Dalle #Gaming #UGC

Generative AI is likely to go big in vertical communities such as gaming, per @Tocelot - “The fringe is where revolutions start”. AI can help design and quickly create new gaming environments, textures, scenes, characters, weapons, skins... or props.

@Tocelot Dalle, Midjourney or StableDiffusion generate exquisite images. However, it’s challenging to reconstruct specific subjects while maintaining high fidelity to their key visual features. Even w dozens of detailed iterations, the outcome is rarely consistent. Prompting is daunting…

Meet #Dreambooth. I fine-tuned SD 1.5 by using a subset of 20 images and defining the corresponding class. Once the model was trained (1 hr), I generated 160 weapons (swords, axes, daggers…), with a consistent design, in less than 10 minutes (I could have created 10x more):

HMU if you want to see some of the high-def files. @photoroom_app was used to automatically remove the background on all images (kudos @matthieurouif & team, amazing tool and UX).

While 2D game props seem an easy example, the consistency of the outcome is impressive. Other ongoing tests (on styles & characters) are showing similar results. Can’t wait to see game companies, game artists, and communities adopting this at scale.

Adding a few great recent tweets/threads on Gaming and/or Generative AI: Market Map by @JackSoslow - GenAI industry overview by @sonyatweetybird @sequoia - @scalevp Generative AI Index

A special thanks to @hervenivon for his help with training data. Also, @SylvioD, @clivedownie, @shay_i_am, @albn feel free to take a look at this, and what comes next! 🚀 There's enormous value to capture, for larger actors in the gaming space.

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