NSFW “Atsumu, close your legs,” Sakusa’s voice was a deep rumble, fingers tapping on Atsumu’s hip. Atsumu’s mouth dropped open to protest, because that was the actual opposite of what he thought they were doing. They hadn’t seen each in two weeks, the longest they had been apart

since they started dating. They were all over each other the moment their apartment door closed. Sure, nothing was going right. Their teeth had clacked, Atsumu could feel a cut in his lip. They had tripped once they got in the bedroom, from Sakusa’s hiss he would probably have

a nasty bruise later. To top it off, the lube lid had broken in their hurry and had spilled out all over Atsumu’s thighs. “Now, Atsu,” Sakusa leaned forward to kiss him again. Atsumu laid back on the pillows, closing his legs, crossing his ankles. “I’m going to fuck you.”

Atsumu glanced at the spilled lube, and the fact that they hadn’t even gotten to prepping yet. “Omi?” Sakusa balanced over him, feeding his cock in the tight space between Atsumu’s thighs. “Fucking perfect.” Atsumu threw his head back as the slick sounds of Sakusa fucking his

thighs filled the room. Every other thrust was right against his hole, making him gasp. His cock was hard and leaking on his belly, Sakusa’s stomach the only friction. Atsumu tugged at black curls as his body lit up in pleasure. “Omi, feels good.” Better than it had any right

to. “You always feels so good for me.” Sakusa kissed his temple as he fucked into the wet clutch of Atsumu’s legs. “Keep tight for me and I’ll use my cum to open you up on my fingers. Fill you up just how you like it.” Atsumu had never clenched his thighs so hard in his life.

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