amy | 20 | simp for miya osamu

amy | 20 | simp for miya osamu



#miyacest | a!atsumu and o!osamu When Osamu is stressed and can't calm himself, he wears his alpha brothers jacket or sweatshirts. Atsumus scent is calming him, feels like he's with him and hugs him tightly. Osamu wants that, wants Atsumu is here with him and

tells him everything is okay. Atsumu's sweatshirt is a little bigger than his, he feels more comfortable than his clothes. "Osamu! I'm here!" When he hears his brothers voice, runs to door. Atsumu doesn't ask what's the problem with him because Osamu suddenly hugs him.

"What's wrong, Samu? Is your pre-heat coming or something like that?" "No... I just... I just feel stressed. I can't calm myself and your clothes isn't working. I miss you and I want to hug you." Atsumu smiles at him. Hugs him too and scenting him. "Does my baby feel not safe

and stressed? Don't worry, your alpha is here." Osamu smiles and hugs him tightly. He doesn't feel stressed anymore because he knows that his alpha is with him. He knows that Atsumu always with him since they were born. |End|

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